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Google launches Start Searching India campaign

Google today introduced its Start Searching India campaign here to help internet users get the most out of the web with its search tool.
"Internet is no longer restricted to the domain of working professionals and is fast emerging as a life enriching tool catering to the varied needs of the people from all walks of life," Google India's director of marketing, Sandeep Menon said on the occasion.
The objective of the campaign is to help Indian users save time, by showing how they can get instant and to-the-point answers to their most common queries, he said.
Presenting the top search trends that the people of Bhopal search for most using using Google Trends, he said that e-governance is doing well in Madhya Pradesh with mponline.com and vyapam.com figuring in the top five web searches.
He said that Google's mission has always been to make search into an ideal assistant: a search engine that understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you need.
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Indian IT companies may sponsor more green cards

Indian software companies could step up sponsorship of coveted US green cardsfor employees as part of tactics to mitigate the effects of a planned American law to make work visas harder and costlier to obtain. By doing so, they can expand the pool of employees with access to work in the US, analysts said, giving Indian companies greater leeway as they try and cope with the effects of the planned law.

The reason companies are planning to increase green-card sponsorships is linked to rules which govern the way visa allocation is counted in a bill passed by the US Senate some weeks ago. The Senate bill imposes caps on the number of work visas companies can seek every year, a limit which depends on the number of H-1B visas for specialty occupations a company already has.

Since the bill excludes 'intending immigrants' who have applied for green cards while counting the number of work visas a company owns, Indian firms are seeing great merit in the idea of sponsoring visa-holders for green cards. "We are already ramping up hiring of workers in the United States and will start offering more green card sponsorships to our employees," said PR Chandrasekhar, chief executive officer of Hexaware Technologies, which is based in Mumbai. "With these steps we think any impact of the rules on us would be very limited."
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Apple to launch iPhone 5S on September 6: Report

The latest to do the rounds of rumours surrounding Apple's newest flagship product iPhone 5S is its launch date, which is speculated to be September 6.
According to Huffington Post, the iPhone 5S may be just over a month away as estimated by a German blog iFun and if true it would mean that the latest iPhone will hit the market earlier than previous versions.
It was speculated that the reason for delay in the launch of iPhone was the manufacturer's decision to shift to bigger screen sizes as compared to the current 4-inch display.
Although, there hasn't been any confirmation regarding the matter from the company's side, the German blog stated that 'two new device types' are expected, referring to the varied screen sizes, the report added.

CSR Racing Free Android Game Download Now

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Race your dream car in the ultimate test: a drag race along deserted city streets. CSR Racing combines stunning, high-fidelity graphics with addictive gameplay to create a new type of racing experience.
Upgrade your Audi R8, BMW M3 or Chevy Corvette with turbos, nitrous injection and aerodynamic tweaks to beat tougher and tougher opponents. And when you’re ready, it’s time to challenge the crews that rule the city.
Featuring a breakthrough in graphics fidelity, CSR Racing smashes the barriers between consoles and your Android device. Stunning detail and next-gen lighting combine to beat any 1080p console racing game on the market.
Officially licensed cars from Audi, Bentley, BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GM, Mini, McLaren, Pagani, and Nissan; incl. Audi R8, Ford GT, Chevrolet Camaro, McLaren MP4-12C, Nissan GT-R, BMW M3 and a few surprises!
R8 vs GT-R, Continental Supersports vs SLR McLaren. Your car against theirs. In a straight line. It's about power, skill and tactics. Hit the right revs and let that turbo work. But deploy the nitrous at the wrong time, and you're toast.

5 tips for Gmail power users

Think you're proficient with Gmail? Google is routinely adding and testing new features to help you be more productive and get the most out of the service.
Most recently, Google launched a complete redesign of the Gmail interface, replacing its one-column email view with multiple inboxes that sort your mail depending on whom it's from: your contacts, social networks or retailers.
From how to customize this new inbox to quickly transferring money, here's a look at five new Gmail features that will help you get work done.

1. Customize tour new inbox
Gmail's new interface, which is still rolling out to users, automatically sets you up with five inbox tabs: primary, social, promotions, updates and forums. If some of these are useless to you, you can easily remove them.
To customize the look of your new inbox, click the Settings button at the top right of your screen. Then, select 'Configure inbox.' On the form that pops up, uncheck the tabs you want to remove and click Save.

2. Add events to your calendar from Gmail
If you use Gmail to coordinate events or Read More

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IT sector to hire 1.20 lakh this year: Experts

The country's IT & ITeS industry would generate as many as 1.20 lakh jobs this year even as campus hiring is likely to remain subdued, experts say.
While there has been a drop in campus hiring in IT sector as the industry reels under a economic downturn in the West, jobs added this year will see large hiring from the market.
"Last year, the campus hiring numbers had dipped from the normal and this year, it is not going to be any different. We estimate that there will be around 1,20,000 jobs created this year," talent assessment company Merit Trac Head of Innovation and Corporate Business Rajeev Menon said.
The IT sector is set to grow by 12 to 14 per cent this year, as per Nasscom estimates.

Over the years, large IT companies have relied on campus hiring for large scale recruitment. However, since 2008, these companies have been trying hard to adjust to changing economic and business landscape and campus hiring has been impacted.
Last year, around 1.8 lakh graduates were placed in the IT sector. The number, however, is expected to be 30 per cent less this year.

First look: Google‘s new tablet Nexus 7 2

When it comes to technology, we've been trained to expect more for less. Devices get more powerful each year, as prices stay the same or drop. With the new Nexus 7tablet, Google hopes we're willing to pay more for more.

The new tablet comes with a $30 price increase over last year's model. At $229 for the base model, it is still a bargain - and 30 per cent cheaper than Apple's $329 iPad Mini. The display is sharper and the sound is richer than the old model. There's now a rear camera for taking snapshots. The new Nexus 7 is the first device to ship with Android 4.3, which lets you create profiles to limit what your curious and nosy kids can do on your tablet when you're not around.

Amazon.com's $199 Kindle Fire HD is cheaper, but it doesn't give you full access to the growing library of Android apps for playing games, checking the weather, tracking flights, reading the news, getting coupons from your favorite stores and more. The Nexus 7 does.
It's a fine complement to your smartphone if it's running Google's Android, the dominant operating system on phones these days - even as Apple commands the market for tablet computers with its full-size iPad and iPad Mini. Unless you tell it not to, apps you use on the phone will automatically appear on the Nexus 7, so you can switch from device to device seamlessly. When you are signed in, bookmarks will also transfer over Google's Chrome Web browser, as will favorite places on Google Maps.
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IAMAI launches Apps Foundation for developers

In a bid to extend support to application developers in the country, the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) today announced the launch of Apps Foundation of India (API).
"The number of application developers are expected to rise in coming years. So we have announced the launch of this foundation to help and support the application developer's community," IAMAI said at the inaugural session of the three day AppFest 2013, being held at IIM-A.
There are around 3 lakh application developers in India across various platforms like Android and iOS, the industry body said.
"API would have for itself two primary goals - help build new enterprise and support entrepreneurship as well as develop world class professionals for this industry," it said.

From the current level of around 150 million mobile internet users (MIUs), India is expected to have 300 million MIUs by 2016. Last year, mobile internet users in India crossed the number of desktop users, some experts said.
"Developers should work towards building apps in local languages, which can really transform the lives of people. This will really complement the wide reach of mobile phones," said Qualcomm India associate director - business development, Anand Virani, while speaking at AppFest-2013.


Nokia’s 6-inch phablet picture leaked

Nokia is on a product launching spree, rolling out as many as seven handsets in a span of just four months. Now, a leaked picture suggests that the Finnish company is working on its biggest smartphone ever, which will compete against the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note III, Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Huawei Ascend Mate.

The leaked photo comes courtesy a Chinese microblogging website, which has leaked also several devices in the past. The image shows just the front panel with the Nokia logo on top and the standard three-key layout of Windows Phone smartphones at the bottom. The display has space for a front-facing camera and very thin bezels on the side. The report by Weibo user ICTech claims that the screen size is 6-inch and the device is already under mass production in China.

Depressed Facebook users heading to spas

People suffering from Facebook depression are seeking treatment in spas to rejuvenate themselves off social networking.
The new mental health problem is caused by spending too much time on Facebook, and is seeing patients as young as 12 booking into rehab.
Queensland therapists said increasing numbers of youngsters were suffering from self-esteem issues, stress and depression after they had become addicted to Facebook.
The therapists said people were also measuring their self-worth by the success of their profile online, including the number of 'likes' they receive and their friend tallies.
According to news.com.au, in some of the most extreme cases, Facebook depression has led to alcohol abuse, self-harming and eating disorders.
Patients were booking session with life coaches and enjoy a range of spa treatments, which included Swedish massage at Fountainhead Organic Health Retreat on the Sunshine Coast.
Greg Doney, head of admissions at the retreat, said it was becoming increasingly difficult to get people to disconnect, adding that they believe that they will be forgotten if they don't go to the social networking site.
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Google gets deeper into hardware with new tablet, TV gadget

Google Inc on Wednesday showcased a new-generation, slimmer Nexus 7 tablet that the Internet search company hopes will expand its presence in consumer hardware, and ensure that its online services remain front-and-center on mobile devices.
The latest Nexus 7, featuring a Qualcomm Inc Snapdragon processor and a higher display resolution, on July 30 will be priced at $229 for a basic version with 16 gigabytes of storage. The original year-old tablet started at $199 for an 8 gigabyte version.
Sundar Pichai, head of Android and Chrome software, said on the sidelines of an event to launch the tablet that the Internet company would make a profit off the new product. The first-generation Nexus 7, which marked its initial foray into mobile electronics, was financially a break-even product for the company, analysts have said.
"The new Nexus 7 is designed so that it's profitable for all the people involved. Retailers, us, everyone included," Pichai told Reuters.
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Amazon Reports Q2 Loss Though Revenue Hits $15.7B

Amazon reported a quarterly loss of $0.02 cents per share on Thursday despite generating more than $15 billion in revenue.
The company increased second quarter sales 22 percent compared the same period last year, and its share price has stabilized after initially falling in after-hours trading.
Though it adds new users and generates more sales each year, it regularly posts profit margins of less than one percent. This has long been the wrap on the company.
Analysts expected Amazon to report earnings per share of $0.06, but the company ended up at $0.02, as the rise in costs outmatched the rise in sales.
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Samsung starts making 3GB RAM; Note III a contender?

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has begun mass production of3GB RAM for mobile devices. The South Korean manufacturer expects most high-end smartphones to come with 3GB RAM from next year.
Samsung said that six of the smallest 20nm class 4GB LPDDR3 chips are arranged in symmetrical structure while manufacturing this 3GB RAM. Apart from improving power-efficiency, the new low-power RAM will provide data transfer rate of 2,133Mbps. Only 0.8mm in height, it will help make gadgets slimmer and create more space for battery in gadgets.
The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note III has been rumoured to come with 3GB RAM for quite some time. The device is expected be launched on September 4 in Berlin, Germany. Another phonerumoured to come with 3GB RAM is LG's upcoming flagship smartphone, G2.

Young-Hyun Jun, executive vice president, memory sales & marketing, Samsung Electronics, said, "We will develop a new 3GBLPDDR3solution based on four 6GBLPDDR3 DRAM chips by symmetrically stacking two chips on each side, which will boost smartphone performance to the next level by year-end."

Google celebrates DNA scientist Rosalind Franklin's 93rd birthday with a tribute doodle

Biophysicist and x-ray crystallographer helped discover the structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) but controversially missed out on the Nobel prize.
Born on July 25, 1920 in Notting Hill, London, Rosalind Franklin was the second child and eldest daughter of her parents who belonged to an affluent and influential British Jewish family.
Franklin's scientific work lead to X-ray diffraction images of DNA which resulted in the discovery of the DNA double helix.
DNA plays an important part in cell metabolism and genetics. The discovery of its structure helped Franklin's co-workers understand how genetic information is passed from parents to children. This has today helped medical science make a lot of progress.
Besides this Franklin's studies also helped in the understanding of the molecular structures of RNA, viruses, coal and graphite.
In April 1958, at the age of 37, the biophysicist died of ovarian cancer.
Franlin worked at King's College London under Maurice Wilkins as she conducted her DNA research. Wilkins with his friends Francis Crick and James Watson were awarded the Nobel prize in Chemistry in 1962 for their DNA study. Crick later acknowledged that the trio used Franklin's images and they were "the data we actually used" to formulate the hypothesis regarding the structure of DNA.

Intel to launch low-power version of Xeon server chips

Chipmaker Intel said it is planning to launch a low-power version of its brawny server processors, potentially heading off competitors hoping to expand into the data centre with energy efficient-chips based on smartphone technology.
Intel has already launched a line of its Atom mobile chips that are tweaked to work as low-power server chips.
The announcement, which was made on Monday at an event with industry analysts and media, means Intel will go a step further by offering a low-power version of its powerful Xeon processor with built-in features including connectivity and memory.
It also reflects the willingness of CEO Brian Krzanich, who took over in May, to make major changes to how Intel approaches its different markets.
By launching lower-power chips for servers, Intel is trying to stay ahead of Advanced Micro Devices, Applied Micro Circuits and other smaller rivals hoping to disrupt the top chipmaker's dominance of the data centre with upcoming components designed with low-power smartphone technology licensed from ARM Holdings.

"Intel's announcements demonstrate they will try to defend their turf against ARM-based servers and specialty processors," said Pat Moorhead, an analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. "Up until today, it was a bit of a guessing game for Intel that today has at least 95% server market share."


Pre-orders start for Sony’s 6.4-inch phablet

Sony upped the ante for high-end phablets in June by unveiling its Xperia Z Ultra. This phablet has a 6.4-inch screen, the biggest among top-of-the-line handsets, and ranks amongst the thinnest smartphones in the world. Within a month of its global showcasing, rumours have begun that the handset will soon launch in India, and now, even pre-orders have started.

Speculation is rife that the new Xperia Z Ultra will hit India on July 31, though nothing has been confirmed by the Japanese manufacturer. However, the device has been listed on Sony Mobile's India website. Online retailer Saholic has even started taking pre-orders for the phablet at Rs 44,990, with delivery promised within seven days. The website's page for Xperia Z Ultra shows an official price tag of Rs 46,990, though if rumours are to be believed then the device may be priced under Rs 40,000.

‘Lighter‘ Facebook coming soon for India, Brazil

Facebook has been quietly working for more than two years on a project that is vital to expanding its base of 1.1 billion users: getting the social network onto the billions of cheap, simple "feature phones" that have largely disappeared in America and Europe but are still the norm in developing countries like India and Brazil.

Facebook soon plans to announce the first results of the initiative, which it calls Facebook for Every Phone: More than 100 million people, or roughly 1 out of 8 of its mobile users worldwide, now regularly access the social network from more than 3,000 different models of feature phones, some costing as little as $20.

Many of those users, who rank among the world's poorest people, pay little or nothing to download their Facebook news feeds and photos, with the data usage subsidized by phone carriers and manufacturers. Facebook has only just begun to sell ads to these customers, so it isn't making money from them yet.

But the countries in which the simple phone software is doing the best - India, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil and Vietnam - are among the fastest-growing markets for use of the Internet and social networks, according to the research firm eMarketer.
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Huawei working on 5G technology

As people across the world get used to the fourth generation (4G) mobile technology, Chinese equipment maker Huawei Technologieshas said it is working on the fifth generation (5G), which is likely to be available for use by 2020. 
The company said presently 200 people are working on the project and it has earmarked a specified amount for the research and development of the technology. It, however, refused to share details about the amount to be spent for the development of the technology. 
Huawei Technologies official Wen Tong said that by 2020, there will be billions of connections and 5G can provide massive connectivity. The technology will enable people to have a fibre network like user experience on a wireless connection. 
It can provide speed of 10GBps, which is 100 times faster than the mobile technology used these days, Tong added. 


iPhone 5S delayed over screen size: Report

Apple has reportedly decided to push forward the launch of its latest iPhone 5S in order to switch to a larger screen size.
Apple was expected to launch its latest mobile phone in September or October. However, the company is speculated to delay the release so as to give it more time to make a switch from a 4-inch screen size to 4.3-inch display, CNET reports.
According to the report, the iPhone 5S release has been pushed to the end of the year.
Meanwhile, budget iPhones will be released by October as expected with no change in the design.


Canvas 4 review: Best Micromax smartphone yet

The phone market in India is in the middle of a transition. People are moving from feature phones to smartphones. This means a great opportunity for smartphone makers like Micromax, which were nobody in the old market but have potential to be a major player in the new one.
In fact, Micromax is already a big smartphone company in India, at least in terms of volumes. IDC says that with a share of little over 18%, it is the second biggest company in the Indian smartphone market behind Samsung.
One of the primary reasons behind the recent success of Micromax has been Canvas HD. The device had decent internal hardware, a nice big screen and a killer price.
Now, Micromax is opening the next chapter in the Canvas story. The company has launched Canvas 4, aka A210, which is an update to the Canvas HD. There are a lot of expectations from the device. Can it take on Samsung's Galaxy devices? Is it going to be the best value for money phone? Is it a worthy successor to Canvas HD?
We have been using the device for over a week now. Before we talk in detail, let's reveal this much: Canvas 4 is an evolution of Canvas HD. It's not the revolution that many were hoping for.


Aircel launches Fuccha Pack for students in Delhi

Aircel has launched Fuccha Pack, an exciting product for the college students in Delhi. This product will benefit students with discounted voice calls, data and text services.
The Fuccha Pack is available for Rs 149 and it will offer 333 local & STD calls, Aircel to Aircel (Local) at 10p/min, Aircel to Other (Local and STD calls) at 50p/min, free 1500 local and national SMS, 1GB of 2G data and full talktime in the next recharge of Rs 51 and above.
Anil Gupta, Regional Manager - North, Aircel, said, "The new sessions at colleges in Delhi are beginning and we are targeting the students to offer this exciting product. Aircel's 'Fuccha Pack' will enable the college students to savour the benefits of voice, text and data services at affordable prices."
Recently, Aircel launched STD pack at 25p/min in Delhi and full talktime on a recharge of Rs 100 and above.


Indian company launches $50 mobile payment device

Bangalore-based Ezetap has launched a new mobile point-of-sale device that will cost a lot less than similar products in the market, while meeting global security standards and RBI guidelines.

Rapid growth in India's online retail and financial service sectors is leading to a demand for secure point-of-sale devices, as companies move towards non-cash based transactions. Overall, credit and debit card based transactions in India are expected to touch 862 million this year, a growth of 33% over last year, according to a report by Atos Worldline India.

"India is the toughest market, very competitive and cost sensitive," said Ezetap co-founder Abhijit Bose, who expects to sell one million devices in the next two years. The Ezetap device, will be priced at around Rs 2,900, consists of a lightweight card reader that can be plugged into any smart device or feature phone used by a retailer. Customers need to only swipe their cards on the mobile to complete the transaction.

Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41MP camera appears on India site

Nokia has listed its Lumia 1020 smartphone, which has a 41MP rear camera, on its India website. This handset was unveiled just a week ago at an even in London and is said to have the best camera among all smartphones.
Nokia India's official website has listed Lumia 1020 in 'Coming Soon' section. However, the company has not given any details on its pricing or launch date. A listing on e-commerce website eBay India shows that the handset has been unofficially priced at Rs 51,450, with launch date of September-October 2013.
The 41MP camera of Lumia 1020 records more details than other camera phones and even tops many point-and-shoot cameras, Nokia says. More pixels mean more sensors for capturing the light that forms an image.
Lumia 1020 smartphone features a technology called Dual Capture, which takes two shots at the same time, one at 38MP resolution and the other at 5MP. The former is meant for photo editing, while the latter is ideal for social media uploads, said Nokia. The 41MP Zeiss camera has six lenses and features Nokia's PureView imaging technology, along with two types flash - one LED and the other Xenon.


Yahoo CEO: Q2 most productive quarter in history

Yahoo! said Tuesday its second-quarter profit rose sharply from a year ago, but revenues lagged, offering a mixed picture for chief executive Marissa Mayer's turnaround efforts.
Net profit rose 46 percent from a year ago to $331 million, slightly better than expected, but revenues excluding payments to partners fell one percent to $1.07 billion, the Internet giant said.

"I'm encouraged by Yahoo!'s performance in the second quarter. Our business saw continued stability, and we launched more products than ever before, introducing a significant new product almost every week," said Mayer.

Mayer cited the company's new Yahoo! News, the new Yahoo! Sports app, the redesigned Yahoo! search, the new Flickr, the new Yahoo! Mail for tablet, the Yahoo! Weather app, and the company's new Yahoo! app with Summly.

HP launches laptop-cum-tablets, SlateBook x2 and Split x2

Hewlett-Packard India has announced a slew of products including notebooks, detachables and All-in-One PCs. HP SlateBook x2 sports a removable screen that also turns into a tablet. By releasing the magnetic hinge, users can move between the two form factors -— tablet and notebook PC.

Powered by Android and Microsoft Windows 8 operating systems, respectively, these versatile two-in-one devices give people the flexibility to create, consume and share content in more places, claims the company. HP SlateBook x2 runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and comes with dual battery system, one battery in the base and other in the tablet to enable users to easily switch from notebook to tablet and back. The SlateBook x2 is priced at Rs 39,990.

HP Split x2 is a two-in-one detachable PC running on Windows 8 operating system and is powered by Intel Core processor. Just like SlateBook x2, it too sports a removable screen that turns into a tablet. The hard disk in the base expands storage capacity while dual batteries are intended to help on the go users.

Samsung launches Galaxy Tab 3 range in India

South Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung today launched three tablets in India today. While two of the new tablets have 8-inch screens, the other one has a 7-inch screen. The company is offering My Education Service on the three tablets, giving buyers access to 2,000 e-books and 1,000 learning videos as well as content.
The new Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 features a TFT screen with 1024x600p resolution and 169ppi pixel density and runs on Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). This device is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, offers 1GB RAM and offers microSD card support. Connectivity options include 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and microUSB 2.0. On the back is a 3MP camera, while a 1.3MP unit is used in the front. This tablet measures 9.9mm along the waistline, has a 4,000mAh battery and costs Rs 17,745.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 has an 8-inch TFT screen with 1280x800p resolution and 189ppi pixel density. It is powered by Android 4.2 and packs a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU under the hood, backed by 1.5GB RAM. On the back it has a 5MP camera, while a 1.3MP unit is located in the front. Powered by a 4,450mAh battery, the tablet has connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, microUSB 2.0. It is priced at Rs 21,945 in the Indian market.

Google eyes television over Internet: Reports

US Internet giant Google is scrambling to deliver pay television online and has met with some content providers on licensing, The Wall Street Journal has reported.
"If the Web giant goes ahead with the idea, it would join several other companies planning to offer services that deliver cable TV-style packages of channels over broadband connections," the Journal reported.

"Intel Corp and Sony Corp are both working on similar offerings, while Apple Inc has pitched various TV licensing ideas to media companies in the past couple of years," the report said.


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Comics Android Application

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We are the largest comic store with Guided View Technology™, which Wired.com says, "solves the problem of reading comics on the small screen." With genres from superhero to "slice of life" to horror, everyone can find a comic they'll enjoy. Keep this comic store and a reader right in your hand. The reader includes comiXology's patent pending Guiding View, where the entire comic page is left intact, and you are guided through a dynamically masked, mobile-friendly view of the panels.
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Sony Xperia Sola MT27i Rs.14,490

The Sony Xperia Sola has been designed on Android platform and has been loaded with some of the most sought after features for an enhanced user experience. This mobile phone promises an optimised performance with Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) operating system running on a dual core processor that has a clock speed of 1 GHz. In addition to this, the Xperia Sola has been embedded with 512 MB of RAM to efficiently handle multi-tasking. The operating system is upgradable to Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).
This Sony phone comes loaded with a 3.7 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen that supports a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels for clear and crisp picture quality. Also, Sony has introduced the floating screen feature with this phone to help you highlight an icon on the screen by moving your finger over it before you tap on it to open. This feature is meant to avoid accidental touch on other icons. This floating screen, in addition to the Timescape user interface, promises a dynamic user experience. The Xperia Sola has incorporated Mobile Bravia Engine technology for color management, noise reduction, and sharpness filtering apart from contrast management to reproduce life-like graphics and images. Also, the Sola comes with a scratch-resistant screen.
This Sony Xperia sports a 5 megapixel camera on its back to help you capture and store live action in vibrant stills. However, its ability to record videos with 1280 x 720 pixels of resolution and that too at 30 frames per second, empowers you to capture your surroundings in moving stills. Additionally, the LED flash present with the camera helps you get clear visuals even in dim light. Some of the other noticeable features include HD recording, 3D sweep panorama, geo-tagging, touch focus and 16x of digital zoom.


HTC One V - Brand New Original & Sealed Black Color Rs.13,090

Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)OS
5 MP Primary Camera
3.7-inch Super LCD 2 Touchscreen
1 GHz Processor
HD Recording
Wi-Fi Enabled
Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB
HTC One V smartphone has been designed for those who want to stay up to speed and stay ahead of the times. The One V is powered by a 1 GHz processor that has 512 MB RAM. The Android v4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system ensures that you have a satisfying user-experience with rich notifications, customizable home screens, resizable widgets and smart interactivity. The HTC Sense user interface designed to complement the Android OS and offer optimum performance. The HTC smartphone sports a 3.7-inch Super LCD 2 capacitive touchscreen that supports WVGA, 480 x 800 pixel resolution with 16 M colours. You can enjoy bright and vivid display on the touchscreen and enjoy uncomplicated navigation.
The touchscreen smartphone boasts of a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash. The impressive continuous shooting feature helps you take pictures of moving objects with precision and the dedicated HTC ImageChip helps you get great shots regardless of lighting and movement. You can also shoot HD videos with 1280 x 720 pixel resolution and playback your videos in vivid colours. The exceptional camera capabilities make the HTC a great phone to carry with you when you are outdoors. On the HTC, you not only get amazing HD video playback you can also enjoy rich audio thanks to the Beats Audio sound enhancement feature.

Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 16GB @Rs: Rs. 35,864

Android v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) OS
2 MP Secondary Camera
5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED Touchscreen
Octa Core (1.6 GHz Quad + 1.2 GHz Quad) Processor
13 MP Primary Camera
Expandable Storage Capacity of 64 GB
Wi-Fi Enabled
Full HD Recording
One of the most awaited phones of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a device designed to make your jaw drop and your head reel with the sheer volume of functionality that it comes with. Touted as a smartphone that can be your companion for life, the candy bar shaped single GSM SIM phone takes the Android v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system and loads it up with features and apps that will impress and inspire.

With an Octa Core processor, comprising of 1.6 Ghz Quad and 1.2 Ghz Quad processors, backed by 2 GB RAM, the performance of the S4 is unquestionably fast. Lag is a word from the past with this phone, butter smooth switching between apps is guaranteed. Multitasking becomes a habit that you can’t shake with S4 that does not cease to amaze with PowerVR SGX graphics.

The screen of the S4 is a fairy tale unfolding in front of your eyes - the 5 inch capacitive super AMOLED touch screen with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a color depth of 16 M blows your mind as colors burst out with unmatched clarity.


Satyam to live on as part of Tech Mahindra

Once a darling of the Indian IT sector and the stock market, the scam-hit erstwhile Satyam has formally ceased to exist as an individual entity by formally merging with Tech Mahindra.
Its journey saw a fraud bringing down the company's valuation by over 95 per cent within weeks, while a subsequent revival brought in an over 10-fold surgethe dumps.
Still, it is the remains of this once scam-hit company on which its saviour Tech MahindraBSE 5.19 % will bank upon significantly to move up the ladders of the Indian IT sectorts, say industry experts.
After debuting on the stock market in 1995, Satyam soon went on to become one of the country's top five IT companies and its share price was trading Rs 250 level in late 2008.
It came to be known by January 2009 that Satyam (a Sanskrit word that means truth) was home to India's biggest ever corporate scam, admitted to by its own founder and then Chairman B Ramalinga Raju, and the scandal broke the company's share price to as low as Rs 11.50.
A quick revival, however, followed with its takeover by Tech Mahindra through a government-monitored auction process and its name was changed to Mahindra Satyam.

How much US government spends to snoop on you

How much are your private conversations worth to the US government? Turns out, it can be a lot, depending on the technology.
In the era of intense government surveillance and secret court orders, a murky multimillion-dollar market has emerged. Paid for by US tax dollars, but with little public scrutiny, surveillance feesged in secret by technology and phone companies can vary wildly.
AT&T, for example, imposes a $325 "activation fee" for each wiretap and $10 a day to maintain it. Smaller carriers Cricket and US Cellularge only about $250 per wiretap. But snoop on a Verizon customer? That costs the government $775 for the first month and $500 each month after that, according to industry disclosures made last year to Congressman Edward Markey.
Meanwhile, email recordsthose amassed by the National Security Agency through a program revealed by former NSA systems analyst Edward Snowden probably were collected for free or very cheaply. Facebook says it doesn'tge the government for access. And while Microsoft, Yahoo and Google won't say how much theyge, the American Civil Liberties found that email records can be turned over for as little as $25.

WIFI Power Saver Android Application

Save battery by having this minimal application automatically turn off your wifi/wlan when there is no network available. Wifi Power Saver itself only runs when your wifi/wlan state changes so it does hardly use any battery at all.
Example 1: You are at home where you have a wifi/wlan connection. You turn on wifi/wlan and use your device. When leaving home you loose your connection to your home network, but wifi/wlan is still enabled on your device using battery. Using WIFI Power Saver it will automatically detect that you lost your connection to your home network and disable wifi/wlan on your device, saving battery.


Bataria - Battery Power Saver Android Application

Battery Saver + Active Applications Manager (task manager)
Battery Widget: Add Bataria widget with Menu > Add > Widgets > Bataria
Bataria is a simple battery saver application, designed to save your battery's life when you most need it.

With this new version of Bataria you can now move your device easily into power save mode with just one tap, and even manage your active apps from the same place.
Bataria was designed to be small and efficient, including status bar battery and 1x1 battery widget for quick operation
Activating power save mode will turn off all the power hungry resources: Display Brightness, Background Data Sync, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Key Features:
- ACTIVE APPLICATIONS MANAGER (similar to samsung task manager)
- AUTO POWER SAVING (when the battery level reaches a specified percentage)
- Quick Settings / Power Control


GO Battery Saver &Power Widget Android Application

Battery Saver – World’s best power manager with 15,000,000+ downloads and 4.5 star rating! GO Battery Saver & Widget is a powerful and smart tool to reduce power consumption and extend battery life by up to 50% . Main features include power testing, smart saving, toggle control, power ranking, etc. Never worry about finding a charger in the middle of the day again!


Flick Golf! Android Game for your Smartphones

No clubs. No rules. Just flick, spin and curve your shots to try and sink that perfect hole in one. Watch out for the usual hazards: bunkers, trees, sand... and of course the wind!
We’ve added our trademark spin control, created the most beautiful hole-in-one courses around and what you have is the most addictive Golf game ever!
It’s not that easy, just madly addictive.

 Try to shoot the perfect score in Quickshot mode.

Play World Tour, from the USA’s West Coast to Japan in the Far East.

Varying wind from the lightest breeze, to full on gales!

Incredibly accurate in-flight spin control.

Stunningly realised 3D environments.


FIFA 12 by EA SPORTS Android Game for your Smartphones

Experience the action of your favorite sport like never before! Watch matches come to life with vibrant graphics and ultra-realistic animations.
Featuring over 22 officially licensed leagues, 500+ licensed teams and more than 15,000 players. Take to the pitch with superstars like Kaka, Wayne Rooney, Gerard Piqué, Karim Benzema and more. From the English Premiership and La Liga, to the German Bundesliga and beyond – dominate your league and march toward glory in 32 authentic stadiums.
Capture the passion and power of the world’s most popular sport with unprecedented authenticity. This is the deepest, most visually striking football title ever. Feel every thrill on the pitch with your heroes, anytime, anywhere.
New control schemes let you handle the ball with greater precision than ever before. Master free kicks and penalty shots with full touch control. Get in the game with realistic 360° player movement and gesture-driven skill moves. Pull off defense-splitting passes, rifling shots, penalty kicks, and pro-style tricks.

Virtua Tennis Challenge Android Game for your Smartphones

Virtua Tennis, one of the World's leading tennis game franchises, is available for the first time on smartphones with the new Virtua Tennis Challenge. Slice, lob and hit your best top spin as you take on the world's best and compete against 50 players in 18 stadiums around the globe. Build concentration by making plays that match your player's style; unleashing a super shot that will make your opponent sweat. Enjoy hours of game play through different modes, shots and courts.


Micromax launches Canvas 4 at Rs 17,999

Micromax on Monday announced Canvas 4, a smartphone that would replace Canvas HD as the company's flagship Android phone.
In terms of specifications, Canvas 4 is not much differentits predecessor. It is powered by MT6589, the quad-core processor made by MediaTek that also powers Canvas HD. Justits predecessor, Canvas 4 also has a 5-inch screen with 720p resolution.
The device has 16GB internal storage and 1GB RAM; the storage is expandable with microSD card. It is powered by Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and has battery capacity of 2,000mAh. The phone has been priced at Rs 17,999.
While hardware specifications are similar, Canvas 4 is different compared earlier Micromax phones in terms of design and software features.
The shell of the device has been made using plastic and an aluminum frame. It also has a few unique features'blow to unlock' the phone. The phone packs smart gestures that allow a user to answer a call by just picking the phone up, put it in silent mode by turning it upside down and dial a number with help of proximity sensor.

LG Optimus G2 event scheduled for August 7th

While final specifications on the LG Optimus G2 have not yet been solidified, the company hasbut guaranteed that we’ll be having our first official look on the 7th of August. Event invites for the press have been sent out for a New York City engagement that’ll be taking place on that date with a teaser “Great 2 Have You” attached – and the leaked photos of the device itself continue.
What you’re about to see are a series of images and details leaked over the past week (or in some cases, the last several months). The first is a front and back image of the LG Optimus G2 suggesting that the rumors of a buttonless set of edges on this machine are true. Here LeaksChina provides photos so blurry you’ll have trouble believing they were captured by anything better than a 1 megapixel feature phone shooter – but they do the job regardless.

Valet - Automatic Car Locator Android Application Download

Valet remembers where you park so you don't have to. Set parking meter timers and street sweeping alarms. Never again get a parking ticket or forget where you parked your vehicle. The most elegant car locator app available. Exclusively for Android.
Now utilizing new Google Play Services location API's to enable our unique automatic parking sensor!
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Diversion Android Application Download

Like platform games? Like running games? Then you're gonna luv Diversion! Come and try a brand new game genre: the "Platform Runner". It's 200 levels, 5 Worlds, 600 characters - and only one touch! A big thank you to the over 4 million players who have downloaded and made Diversion so popular!!! You guys rock!! Keep the great feedback coming - it really inspires us to keep the updates coming!
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Color Zen Android Application Download

Color Zen is a new kind of puzzle game for phones and tablets. One that invites you to put on your headphones, relax, and find your way through an abstract world of colors and shapes. There is no score. No penalties for failure. Just a simple set of rules, intuitive controls, and satisfying puzzles. Get into the flow with Color Zen.
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Free Facebook Timeline Banners Download

Vseffects Facebook Covers

VsEffects are the number one provider of unique and attractive facebook covers for timeline. Our  facebook covers will give a professional look to your Facebook profile or page. It’s never too late to make a attractive facebook profile design you can done it with a single click. We will be adding a bunch of new covers everyday, keep checking back.


Yahoo buys mobile app company Qwiki

Yahoo said that it will buy Qwiki, a mobile app for creating videos in Apple's iPhone, as it tries to increase its presence in the world of smartphones and tablets.
The company paid about $50 million for the deal, tech blog AllThingsD cited sources as saying. Terms of the deal however were not disclosed.
This is Yahoo's third acquisition since May when it bought blogging service Tumblr for $1.1 billion in cash. Earlier this week, the company reportedly acquired Bignoggins Productions, another mobile app developer.
Yahoo has seen its revenue shrink in recent years in the face of competitionGoogle Inc and Facebook Inc, but since she tookge in 2012 CEO Marissa Mayer has tried to turn the tide through a string of acquisitions.

Samsung Galaxy Note III launch date 'revealed'

Phablet fans out there, the next-generation of the first successful phablet Samsung Galaxy Note seems to be only days away. According to a report in technology blog AndroidGeeks, Samsung will be holding an Unpacked event on September 4 this year, just ahead of IFA 2013 in Berlin, to unveil Samsung Galaxy Note III.
The company unveiled Galaxy Note II at the same tech expo in 2012, triggering speculation that it may launch its successor at the same event this year too. The report claims that Samsung Unpacked event will be a part of IFA, with only members of the press as invitees.
Samsung Galaxy Note III is expected to feature a 5.99-inch screen with stylus support. Rumours say that the South Korean manufacturer will use both SuperAMOLED as well as IPS panels for the phablet, depending on the market.
Tech grapevine also suggests that the phone will run on a 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor or 1.8GHz eight-core Exynos processor. Considering that Galaxy S4 comes in both variants, Samsung using two CPU options in the upcoming flagship phablet is a possibility.


BlackBerry Q10 Review

BlackBerry Hub: Simply Peek into the BlackBerry Hub From any App with Just a Swipe and Flow Effortlessly In and Out of Your Messages and Conversations
Camera with Time Shift Mode: Create the Perfect Shot by Moving Parts of Your Picture Backwards and Forwards in Time.
NFC Support: BlackBerry Tag with NFC Technology Makes Exchanging Data Easier than Ever
BlackBerry Balance: BlackBerry Balance Technology Keeps Your Information Secure by Creating Two Profiles; One for Work and Another for Personal Use
BBM Video with Screen Share: Switch Your BBM Chat to a BBM Video Conversation and See the Smiles of Those that Matter to You Most
Voice Control: Send a BBM Message; Schedule a Meeting or Update Facebook - Using Voice Alone
Active Frames: Check Your Upcoming Meetings; Read the Latest BBM Updates and More - All From the Home Screen
1.5 GHz Dual Core Processor and 3.1-inch Super AMOLED Display with 330 ppi
BlackBerry Remember: Collect Relevant Photos; Lists; Messages and Web Links; and Group Them All in One Place
16 GB Internal Memory and 2 GB RAM
Documents To Go and Adobe Reader: Edit Spreadsheets and Documents On the Go
8 MP Primary Camera with Full HD (1080p) Recording and 2 MP Secondary Camera with HD (720p) Recording
Super-fast Browsing: Speed Around the Web with Fast-loading Pages and a Browser that Makes Sharing a Breeze



Apple iPhone 5 Rs. 58310

SIM Type Single SIM, GSM
Touch Screen Yes
Handset Color Black
Operating Freq GSM - 850, 900, 1800, 1900; UMTS - 2100
Size 4 Inches
Resolution 640 x 1136 Pixels
Other Display Features Retina Display



LG announces Optimus L4II Dual for Rs 9,850

The dual-SIM powered LG Optimus L4II DUAL (E445) has made an appearance on LG's official website. The smartphone runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and is priced at Rs. 9,850.

LG’s dual-SIM Android smartphone, the L4II Dual has made an appearance on the company's official website for a price of Rs. 9,850. As of writing this article, the smartphone is visible only on LG’s official website and there is no trace of it on online shopping websites such as Flipkart or Saholic.

The LG Optimus L4II DUAL (E445) boasts of dual-SIM capabilities and runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The device is skinned with LG’s Optimus 3.0 UI. Under the hood it has a 1GHz single-core processor coupled with 512MB of RAM. It is 11.9mm in thickness and weighs 125grams. It has a 3.8-inch True IPS Display with a 480x320 pixel resolution.

The rear of the smartphone has a 3MP shooter but there is no front facing camera. The Optimus L4II has 4GB of built-in storage of which 2.08GB is available to the user.  It is, of course, expandable via a microSD card and you also get 50GB of cloud storage on the device via the Box app. A 1700mAh battery powers the smartphone, which the company claims, will last for up to 10 hours and 30 min of talk time or 652 hours of standby time.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has finally made its way to the market. The phone comes in a bar form and is run on the impressively quick Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS. The operating system is backed up by a powerful 1.6 GHz Quad Core Cortex A-9 processor which ensures that applications on the phone are run in a smooth manner.

The screen of the phone is an enlarged 5.55-inch Super AMOLED capacitive screen which makes it a lot of fun to interact with. This display provides a high quality 1280 x 720 pixels HD resolution which is great to watch movies and video on. The phone comes with the TouchWiz user interface which serves to enhance the usability of the device. The phone possesses a Mali-400MP graphics processing unit, thus enhancing the visual experience for the user.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 features an 8 megapixel primary camera which is backed up by an LED flash to click pictures in low light. The camera doubles up to record Full HD video and play HD video as well. The camera features other useful features such as Auto-focus, Geo-tagging, Touch focus and image stabilization that serve to enhance the usability of the camera. The phone sports a 1.9 megapixel secondary camera so that the user can conduct video calling easily.

Airtel, Google join hands to launch Free Zone service in India

Airtel mobile users can access popular Google search, Gmail and Google+ on their phones, including smartphones and feature phones, at zero data cost.

Bharti Airtel and Google have teamed up to launch Free Zone service that enables Airtel mobile subscribers to access mobile web search, Gmail and Google+ at free of cost. Free Zone lets user access first page of a website from search results at no data cost.

To start with, users need to visit www.airtel.in/freezone. They can simply start using the Internet without having to sign in to the service. Users can search and access the first page of websites from the results for free. If they click further into a website after that, they are directed to a page where they can purchase a data package.
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