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Free HD MP4 Converting Tool

HD MP4 Converter is such a professional HD video converting tool to convert SD videos to HD MP4 as well as other HD formats, and convert between HD videos without loss of quality!
Besides, the HD MP4 Converter can be view as an powerful video editting software as well, for it has strong editting design like trimming segments, cropp area size, adjusting output effect, defining profile parameters and merging several files into one.
Snapshot is available for you to capture image from the source file. Simultaneous preview function is also designed for you to watch the export file before converting and adjust it to your satisfaction! Try now!

 Key Features:
 Support HD video, general video & audio
A wide range of HD video, general video and audio formats are supported as follows:
General Video: MPEG-4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MOV, M4V, AVI, DivX, XviD, ASF, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, 3GP, 3GPP, MKV, FLV, SWF, VOB, DV, Super VCD, VCD, DVD
 Profile define
Advanced profile settings are available for you to define the parameters of Video Encoder, Video Bitrate, Video Frame Rate, Video Resolution, Audio Encoder, Audio Bitrate, Audio Sample Rate, Audio Channels.
To adjust output effect, you can enter the Effect window to adjust Brightness, Contrast and Saturation.
If you want to trim clips from the source file, get into the Trim window to set the exact start time point and end time point.
Crop function is designed for you to locate the exact postion you want to work in, and remove black margins.
You are enabled to join several different files into a large one by the Merge function.
 Capture image
Snapshot button is designed for you to capture images from the source files.
Friendly-to-human panel is elaborately designed for you to convert files with the powerful converter without any fuss!



Free XviD Converter (ImTOO)

ImTOO XviD Converter offers you an easy way to convert popular video formats including AVI, MKV, MPG, MP4, MOV, RM, WMV, 3GP to XviD and more video formats with great output quality. In addition, it can extract audio from video.

ImTOO XviD Converter is a professional video to XviD converter. It can convert MKV to XviD, AVI to XviD and convert other video formats to XviD, and extract audio from video to M4A and MP3 audio file. It can convert XviD video from all popular video formats, such as 3GP, AVI, MKV, MPEG, MP4, MOV, RM, VOB, and WMV.
Besides XviD video format as output, ImTOO XviD Converter can also convert video to AVI, DivX, MOV, MP4, MPEG-1/2/4, VOB, WMV, 3GP and FLV videos.
The multifunctional XviD converter provides many practical functions, such as video splitting, video segment converting, file size customization, and snapshot.

Main Functions
Convert popular videos to XviDQuickly convert most popular videos such as 3GP, AVI, MKV, MPG, MP4, MOV, RM, WMV to XviD and other videos.
Convert video to M4A and MP3 audiosIn addition to video conversion, it can extract audio from video and save to M4A and MP3 audio formats.
Batch conversionConvert multiple video files at a time with just one click.

Key Features

  • Adopt NVIDIA CUDA & AMD APP technology to increase video conversion speed up to 5x.
  • Provide super fast video conversion speed due to the support for dual-core or multi-core CPU.
  • ImTOO XviD Converter is able to specify the start time and duration for any video segment you want to convert directly.
  • Video splitting allows you to split a single file into several by the split time or file size you specify.
  • Use Bitrate Calculator to get the output file size you want by straightly entering the value of the file size.
  • To get multiple file outputs for one source, you can add profiles to the original file and convert them at a time.
  • Define video and audio settings including bit rate, frame rate, codec, channel, sample rate, and resolution.
  • Help you auto-shutdown, auto-exit, auto-hibernate or auto-standby after conversion tasks are finished.
  • The XviD conversion task can be finished in the background so that you can run other programs while converting.
  • Provides you with a built-in resizable player to preview video files and capture movie images you like during preview as JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP format pictures.
  • Offers the function of power management.
  • Available in English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

What's new

  • Optimized the profile parameters of GPU acceleration.
  • Supports profile parameters: Main, Baseline and High.
  • Supports preset parameters: Ultrafast, Superfast, Veryfast, Faster, Fast, Medium, Slow, Slower.
  • Supports adding cover when output to M4A formats.
  • Fixed bugs.
  • Supports AMD APP encoding technology
  • Makes the built-in player resizable
  • Switches the zoom mode between 4:3 and 16:9
  • Classifies the profile settings into different types
  • Adds the function of power management

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How to Genarate 2-step verification


How to Create 2 password in google

Signing in using application-specific passwords
The codes that you’ll get with 2-step verification don’t work with all applications. There are a few applications that use information from your Google Account (like the Gmail application on your phone, or Outlook) that require another type of code. These are called application-specific passwords.

Some devices and applications that use these special passwords include:

POP and IMAP email clients such as Outlook, Mail and Thunderbird
Gmail and Google Calendar on smartphones
ActiveSync for Windows Mobile and iPhone
YouTube Mobile on Apple devices
Cloud Print
Installed chat clients such as Google Talk and Adium
3D Warehouse, Sketchup, and installed applications
AdWords Editor
Sync for Google Chrome
Gmail Notifier

How to generate an application-specific password

Unlike a verification code that you receive from your phone or through Google Authenticator, application-specific passwords are generated. You don’t have to memorize them, ever - you simply generate a new one each time you need to sign into a particular application. Follow the steps below to generate your application-specific password:

Visit the Authorizing applications & sites page  (pictured below) under your Google Account settings.
Under the Application-specific passwords section, enter a descriptive name for the application (label 1) you want to authorize, such as "AdWords Editor – Desktop," then click “Generate application-specific password" (label 2).

You'll then see the application-specific password you just created (3). You'll also see the name you wrote in for the device (4) and a link to Revoke (5) -- or cancel -- the code.

Once you click Done, you’ll never see that application-specific code again. But don't panic: You can generate a new one whenever you’re prompted for an application-specific password by a non-browser device or application -- even a device or application you’ve authorized before.

Using application-specific passwords

When prompted for a password when you sign in to a non-browser application or device that accesses your Google Account:

Enter your username.
Enter your application-specific password in the password field.
If your application has an option to remember your application-specific password or stay signed in, you can select that option so you won’t have to generate and enter a new application-specific password each time you access your account from this application or device.



Global WhitePages


Our mission at ZOPEO® is to empower and enable people everywhere to search for their family and friends on the web. We provide the most comprehensive people search on the web.

We all have many different kinds of relationships in our lives, both personal and professional. And the growing demands on our time and our increased mobility as a culture can make it easy to lose touch.

ZOPEO helps you find people from anytime in your life, no matter where they are - all in one place.Whether you're trying to find your friends, reconnect with a lost loved one, stay in contact with family, or keep track of the dozens of other relationships you've created along the way, ZOPEO is here to help you do it. ZOPEO is the most effective and efficient way to find everyone in your life.

What can you get from ZOPEO ?

We specialize in finding people. Using this site you can find almost anyone in the world. Find old girlfriends, boyfriends, or lost relatives. Get their current address and phone number, plus a 20 year history. Do a background check on a potential babysitter or a suspicious neighbor, which includes aliases / maiden names, relatives, current and past roommates, property ownership, nationwide criminal records, bankruptcies, tax liens, civil judgments, assets, website ownership, and a lot more.

What ZOPEO means for people ?

ZOPEO offers you access to more than 800 million profiles with advanced search and filtering options, all in one place. We access publicly available information from a variety of places - proprietary sources, social networks, public domain - to create the largest database of online and offline information to help you find anyone from anytime in your life.

ZOPEO takes care of the hard work by searching the Web for you to deliver accurate and timely results.

If you don't immediately find who you're looking for , try varying your search and ZOPEO continues searching on your behalf and provides you with more results.

ZOPEO gives you a global view into the most popular sites your friends are part of, including LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace as well as 30 other sites.

ZOPEO provides you with latest real time blogs, news, images, videos, documents, webpagesfor what you have searched for.

How to get started with ZOPEO ?

It's so easy! We have outlined the types of searches you can do below. Basically you can search by name, location.

1) Enter the name of your subject.

Example Input :

James Smith
John A Smith

2) Enter the approximate location ( optional ) :

Los Angeles CA
Los Angeles CA 49

We are open to your comments/feedback and suggestions , just contact us through the contact page on our website.

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ASP.NET AJAX Web Form Generation at Run time


ASP.NET AJAX consists of client-script libraries and server components that are integrated to provide a robust development framework, which allow us to build rich client applications quickly and easily.

Whenever a postback happens in a normal ASP.NET page the whole ASP.NET page will be refreshed. But AJAX Enabled ASP.NET web page will enable partial rendering of a web page as the result of an asynchronous postback.
Creating a Basic AJAX Web Form declaratively is very easy and looks like code bellow:

<%@ Page Language="C#" %>
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">

<form id="form2" runat="server">
<asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server" >
<asp:ScriptReference Path="clientscript.js" />
<asp:ServiceReference Path="WebService.asmx" />
<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server">
<asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text="Label"></asp:Label>
<asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" onclick="Button1_Click" Text="Button" />
<asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="Button2" EventName="Click" />
<asp:Button ID="Button2" runat="server" Text="Button" />
But, in Some situations we need to create some of the Web Controls  which make the AJAX Web Form dynamically at runtime. in these scenario's we need to follow some basic steps.


Download Free XML Converter

Advanced XML Converter helps you convert XML to other database and document formats: HTML, CSV, DBF, XLS and SQL. As you upload XML file and click CONVERT, the program delivers high-quality output in a new format. To deliver correct output, the program uses the hierarchical structure of the XML source to extract data. Then users can select the data that they want to see in the output. Advanced XML Converter is able to handle large XML files and convert more than one XML file in one go. With Advanced XML Converter, you no longer need to write complex XML transformations or XSL stylesheets. Convert XML to HTML, CSV, DBF, XLS, SQL cleanly and almost hands-down!

XML Converter Key Features:

Convert XML to CSV (text file with comma-separated fields)
Convert XML to HTML table format (for Internet browsers)
Convert XML to DBF (for FoxPro, DBase)
Convert XML to XLS sheet (for Microsoft Excel)
Convert XML to SQL query (for most database SQL servers)
Extract data from XML files of any complexity in a snap
No need to write complex XML transformations or XSL Stylesheets
No Java or .NET is required

How Does It Work?

Advanced XML Converter does XML conversion in three steps. The first step is to open XML source. Once selected, the program parses the XML file, groups tags by name and displays XML structure, as well as content for you to preview. This helps you to see structure and records of XML and select the fields you want to see in the output file after conversion. Step two is to select the conversion mode from several available. Each mode has its own settings to customize. The third step is when the program saves the output file.

Get Output You Want

As flexible and user-oriented as Advanced XML Converter, there is another thing that users like about XML conversion. This is an ability to set up custom export parameters for an output file. For example, you can set HTML table styles, CSV delimiters, fields, tables to be exported, as well as many other parameters.

Advanced XML Converter vs. Scripting

Writing XML transformations or XSL stylesheets typically means wasting hours and, sometimes, even days. Rather than putting efforts and time into inventing the wheel, Advanced XML Converter users enjoy a fully automated XML conversion process, turning a hard job into a relaxing fun ride.

Save Money on Buying Database Creation Packages

Database creation packages are costly these days. Advanced XML Converter is an affordable approach to XML conversion. Priced at only $49 for a single user, the program will let you convert XML to HTML, CSV, DBF, XLS and SQL without the need to buy several database packages separately. There are also multi-user licenses that will cost considerably less than the purchase of several personal licenses. What's more, users with specific conversion needs can buy a narrow license for $24 to convert XML only to one format: HTML, CSV, or XLS.

Convert XML in Batch Mode

Using Advanced XML Converter, you can convert more than one XML file in the batch mode. Just select the folder with files for XML conversion and begin the process. The program converts files one by one in the completely unattended mode, even when you are away, being busy with other things.

XML Viewing Tool

Advanced XML Converter can be used as a default tool to open XML files. You can open XML, view file structure and records, rearrange the order of fields and hide some fields for convenient viewing.

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Free Online Watermarker

With our Free Online Watermarker, you can quickly add image or text watermarks to your digital photos without having to download any software. This free version of Watermarker supports popular image formats like JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP.

Here are a few simple steps to add watermark to your image file:

  1. Specify the location of your "Source Image File".
  2. Specify either the "Watermark Image File" or type in the "Watermark Text" or both.
  3. Click on the "Submit" button.
  4. Once the page refreshes and the image is watermarked, you will be able to view it by clicking on the "View Watermarked Image" button. You can then right-click on the watermarked image and save it to your computer.
  5. If you would like to change the position or font color/size of the watermark, click on the "Preferences" link. You will have to resubmit your file(s) after setting your preferences.

You will be able to add watermark to one image at a time using this free version of Online Watermarker. If you need to watermark multiple images in a folder all at once, we suggest that you download Batch Watermarker.

Besides supporting JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP formats, Batch Watermarker also supports TIF, EMF, EXIF, ICO, and WMF. Batch Watermarker will watermark images a lot faster than this free online version of watermarker because it runs locally on your computer and it does not rely on the Internet to transmit the original image file and the watermarked image file. 

All your watermarked image files will automatically be saved into a separate folder and you will not need to save each image file individually as you do in this free version of online watermarker. 

With Batch Watermarker, you will be able to preview your image on the fly while you are changing the settings of your preference. That way, you know exactly how the watermarked image would look like before you start your watermark process. 


Free Watermark Tool - Personalized Image Protection

Watermark Tool is the powerful online watermarking software that allows you to quickly and easily protect your images with a visible watermark. With the many watermarking options available, you're able to personalize your images in a variety of ways - including text size, color, and position.

Watermark Tool comes in flavors - free and WMT Plus! The free version requires no sign up and gives you full access to the text watermark feature. For a small monthly fee, WMT Plus! adds extra functionality such as a higher file size limit, the ability to save your watermark settings for future use, and the option to use an image as a watermark.

Feature Comparison

FeatureFreeWMT Plus!
Upload Size (per file)200KB10MB
Image WatermarksNoYes
Download Files as ZipNoYes
Saved SettingsNoYes
Priority SupportNoYes
CostFree$4.95/month or $49.95/year

How to add Water Mark Using PicMarkr Pro- Tutorial

1. Import images

On this screen, you can choose the files to which you will add the watermark. You can choose an unlimited number of images from the disk of your computer as well as from the images that were already exist on your Flickr account. After the pictures are imported you can start adding watermark or saving the imported pictures.
To you convenience we inserted batch resize and batch rotate features on PicMarkr. To use these functions you need to select one or several imported pictures and press "Resize selected" button or "Rotate CW / CCW" button.

2. Adding watermarks

This is the main interface of the program, which allows you to use all the watermark tools and customize your photos watermarking. First of all, you need to choose, what your watermark is going to look like: text (which could be a digital photo signature or just image timestamp), image or tile (which could be useful for artwork protection).
If you want to automate your digital photo protection, it’s easy to create watermark templates for different kinds of photos. In every preset you can set size, opacity and align of the watermark. As soon as PicMarkr Pro is a batch watermark software, you can apply watermark to a couple of photos in one click. Also, you can add multiple watermarks to one image, if it is necessary.

3. Saving images

On this screen, you can save watermarked images or upload images to Flickr. You also can use menu Advanced options in order to rename one or several files.
In case you are an owner of Flickr pro-account the option of replacing the pictures is available to you. This function works if you imported the pictures from Flickr, watermarked them and want to replace the original photos with their watermarked copies.

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Add Watermark For Free . Add Custom Watermark with PicMarkr!

PicMarkr lets you to add custom watermark (image or text) to your images online and free.
It is useful when you need to protect your copyrights or if you want to add comments
to your photos.

PicMarkr Features

1 Upload files from computer or grab them from your Flickr, Facebook or Picasa account
2 Batch image processing
3 Add text watermark, image watermark or tiled watermark
4 Easy to use: minimum settings, no need to download or install anything
5 And yes, its free (You can buy a Pro version, if you need more features)

PicMarkr Pro

Watermark images, protect your pictures copyright, import and backup Flickr images to your computer
with PicMarkr Pro

You can use PicMarkr Pro to...

1 Add digital watermark to your images on Flickr to protect your photos
2  Replace your Flickr photos with their watermarked copies
3 (for Flickr Pro accounts)
4 Change the sizes of a batch of photos at the same time
5 Rotate a batch of pictures
6  Add text, logo, comments to pictures and Flickr photos
7  Rename a large number of pictures with just a few clicks
8 Create watermark templates on your own

Key Features:
Import pictures and photos from your Flickr account or from your computer
Add text or image watermark to a batch of pictures
A set of professional presets for text watermarks
The opportunity to edit all attributes of watermark (transparency, fonts, backgrounds, etc)
User-friendly interface
What is PicMarkr Pro?
PicMarkr Pro is a batch watermarker software for Microsoft Windows ® that can make your image protection fast, easy, and comfortable.
Flickr users get the most advantage using the software, because they have an opportunity to import their photos directly from Flickr, to add the watermarks and to upload them back to Flickr!
With all this going on, the filenames, descriptions, tags and comments (attached to your photos) will be saved.



How to use Google + – a quick guide and thoughts on Google Plus


Google + has arrived and pretty much every SEO I know are already on it. Yesterday was probably a complete waste of a day for most SEOs as pretty much everyone was busy playing with Google +. I was no exception. In the words of Matt Cutts: “It’s like crack, but in a good way”.

So I’ve spent some time going through the current key features to give you a “crash course” in Google +:


This is the major functionality that although initially looks just like facebook friends, differ in one important area; categorisation! Basically, circles is a way of categorising your Google + contacts into groups. For example below I’ve added circles such as “SEO Peeps” which has every SEO contact I have added, but then I have also added a separate circle for “UK SEOs” to further categories. In addition I have separate circles for my “Friends” (you know those people you see in person) and “Family”. To me this is a very good way of social networking as I have a lot of digital content (whether it’s blogposts, videos or even images) that I want to share with one group but not necessarily with another. On facebook my mum and dad are forever asking (and worse; commenting) on my SEO related content I share. It’s just not really relevant to them.  Equally, having recently (ok so 8 months ago) had another baby and I’m sure a lot of my SEO colleagues are getting sick and tired of seeing loads of baby pictures. Most importantly the categorisation in Google + is EASY to do, you can add as many circles as you like and you can have one person in several circles. The only potential issue is for those of us that resembles Monica (in Friends) and over-organise. I still to this day can’t understand my original “filing system” of del.icio.us tags.

Here's why it make sense to use Google Plus

There is unnecessary unrest that has been buffeting the launch of Google’s newest online social network, Google Plus, and the reason for that is simple: Google was forced to launch G+ because Twitter blocked Google’s real-time and direct access to Twitter updates. This is now becoming old news but it explains everything. This is why Google+ didn’t have a brand page similar to Facebook Pages, built-in upon launch, resulting in either a transparent and compliant real name membership or deletion, with the exception of Ford Motor Companyand a few others that are the only brands that are in a testing phase, the sort of testing that happens in limited and private beta.
What has been happening even before the real names scandal is the scandal that any and all Google Plus profiles that were not simply real users with real names were deleted en masse. Most of the very early adopters who did not read the explicit terms of service (ToS) took the opportunity to not only create a G+ account for themselves but also set up Google Plus profiles for their brands and companies as well.


Windows 8 setup: Now with fewer clicks!

People frustrated by the upgrade and setup process in prior versions of Windows may find a more user-friendly experience in Windows 8.
Ensuring that Windows installs properly across a variety of hardware and software configurations has always been a major challenge, and one that Microsoft has never solved to the satisfaction of all users.

Microsoft has already taken some big steps forward in this respect with Windows 7. Its next version of Windows promises further improvements, as described in the latest edition of the Building Windows 8 blog by Christa St. Pierre from Microsoft's setup and deployment team....

READ MORE:http://news.cnet.com/8301-10805_3-57329620-75/windows-8-setup-now-with-fewer-clicks/?tag=rb_content;main

Akash tablet -Ubislate 7 Android

The much awaited India’s ultra low cost Aakash tablet is finally here and is creating ripples all around. Datawind launches Ubislate 7 in India as Aakash. DataWind Ltd, the leading developer of wireless web access products and services has come up with Aakash tablet. The tablet is powered by Android 2.2 and boasts of multiple touch screen and Connexant CPU with HD video and accelerated graphics. Aakash tablet offers a web delivery platform that enables quality and interactive knowledge over the internet.

Data wind, the manufacturing company of UK introduced the tablet Aakash for the Indian market. As Suneet Singh Tuli says ‘’ This is a made-in-India product. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this.”

Launched by the Telecom and Education Minister, Kapil Sibbal, Aakash comes loaded with unique features. As quoted by Kapil Sibbal, "The rich have access to the digital world, the poor and ordinary have been excluded. Aakash will end that digital divide."

There is definitely no other touch pad tablet or computing device anywhere near the price of Aakash tablet. Aakash tablet is a new generation device which comes with attractive features. This is one of the world cheapest tablet pc which is launched in India. This tab is made for the requirement of the users and especially for student needs.

  • Unbeatable Price:
    • Only Rs.2,999 for the UbiSlate
    • Monthly internet charges: Rs.98 / 2GB
  • High Quality Web Anytime & Anywhere:
    • Connect via GPRS or WiFi
    • GPRS: Embedded modem eliminates the need for external dongles and allows Internet access everywhere
    • WiFi: Allows fast Youtube videos at hotspots
    • Fast web access even on GPRS networks, across the country using DataWind’s patented acceleration technology
    • Web, Email, Facebook, Twitter and much much more!
  • Multimedia Powerhouse:
    • HD Quality Video
  • Watching movies in the palm of your hand on a 7” screen
    • Audio library software helps manage your full collection of songs
  • Applications Galore with Android 2.2:
    • Games
    • Productivity software: Office suite
    • Educational software
    • Over 150,000 apps!
  • Full sized-USB port & Micro-SD slot:
    • Expand memory to 32GB
    • Use any ordinary pen-drive
    • Even plug-in a 3G dongle
  • And It’s a Phone!
  • Hardware:
    • Processor: Connexant with Graphics accelerator and HD Video processor
    • Memory (RAM): 256MB RAM / Storage (Internal): 2GB Flash
    • Storage (External): 2GB to 32GB Supported
    • Peripherals (USB2.0 ports, number): 2 Standard USB port
    • Audio out: 3.5mm jack / Audio in: 3.5mm jack
    • Display and Resolution: 7” display with 800x480 pixel resolution
    • Input Devices: Resistive touch screen
    • Connectivity and Networking: GPRS and WiFi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g
    • Power and Battery: Up to 180 minutes on battery. AC adapter 200-240 volt range.
  • Software:
    • OS: Android 2.2
    • Document Rendering
  • Supported Document formats: DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ODT, ODP
  • PDF viewer, Text editor
  • Multimedia and Image Display
    • Image viewer supported formats: PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF
    • Supported audio formats: MP3, AAC, AC3, WAV, WMA
    • Supported video formats: MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, FLV
  • Communication and Internet
    • Web browser - Standards Compliance: xHTML 1.1 compliant, JavaScript 1.8 compliant
    • Separate application for online YouTube video
    • Safety and other standards compliance
  • CE certification / RoHS certification
    • Other: Additional Web Browser: UbiSurfer-Browser with compression/acceleration and IE8 rendering.
  • Full set of accessory options:
    • Car charger
    • External antenna
    • Keyboard case
  • Convert it into a laptop!
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