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LG Optimus G2 event scheduled for August 7th

While final specifications on the LG Optimus G2 have not yet been solidified, the company hasbut guaranteed that we’ll be having our first official look on the 7th of August. Event invites for the press have been sent out for a New York City engagement that’ll be taking place on that date with a teaser “Great 2 Have You” attached – and the leaked photos of the device itself continue.
What you’re about to see are a series of images and details leaked over the past week (or in some cases, the last several months). The first is a front and back image of the LG Optimus G2 suggesting that the rumors of a buttonless set of edges on this machine are true. Here LeaksChina provides photos so blurry you’ll have trouble believing they were captured by anything better than a 1 megapixel feature phone shooter – but they do the job regardless.


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