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Google Scribe in Blogger

Hello Bloggers! Do you ever find yourself writing slowly, staring at a blinking cursor or looking for words to express yourself? Today we are happy to announce the availability of the text suggestions and autocomplete feature of Google Scribe, which is graduating from Google Labs and can now be found in Blogger in Draft.

Google Scribe helps you write more efficiently by suggesting common words and phrases as you type. Google Scribe supports Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. The language is automatically detected using the text in the post.

Enabling Google Scribe is easy. Simply click the pencil icon in the toolbar within the Post Editor. 

After Google Scribe is turned on, suggestions will appear in gray as you type, and you can accept them by hitting the spacebar or by typing a punctuation mark, such as a comma, period or question mark.
If you would like to receive more than one suggestion at a time, select "Show Multiple Suggestions" from the drop-down menu next to the pencil icon. You will then be able to see several options in a drop-down menu as you type. 

Dynamic Views: seven new ways to share your blog with the world

As we said a few weeks ago when we launched a completely rebuilt, streamlined authoring and editing experience, we’re in the process of bringing you a much improved and modernized Blogger. The next phase of these updates starts today with seven new ways to display your blog, called Dynamic Views.

Built with the latest in web technology (AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3), Dynamic Views is a unique browsing experience that will inspire your readers to explore your blog in new ways. The interactive layouts make it easier for readers to enjoy and discover your posts, loading 40 percent faster than traditional templates and bringing older entries to the surface so they seem fresh again.

Dynamic Views is much more than just new templates. With just a couple clicks, you’ll get infinite scrolling (say goodbye to the “Older posts” link), images that load as you browse, integrated search, sorting by date, label and author, lightbox-style posts for easy viewing, keyboard shortcuts for quickly flipping through posts, and one-click sharing to Google+ and other social sites on every post.

No two blogs are the same, so you can choose from seven different views that display text and photos differently. For example, if you have lots of photos on your blog, you may prefer Flipcard or Snapshot. If your blog is more text-heavy, then Classic, Sidebar (what you’re seeing now on Blogger Buzz) or Timeslide may be preferable. Here’s a quick description of each of the new views, along with links to some of our favorite blogs where you can check each of them out in action.
Classic (Gmail): A modern twist on a traditional template, with infinite scrolling and images that load as you go
Flipcard (M loves M) - Your photos are tiled across the page and flip to reveal the post title
Magazine (Advanced Style) - A clean, elegant editorial style layout 
Mosaic (Crosby’s Kitchen) - A mosaic mix of different sized images and text
Sidebar (Blogger Buzz Blog) - An email inbox-like view with a reading page for quick scrolling and browsing
Snapshot (Canelle et Vanille) - An interactive pinboard of your posts 
Timeslide (The Bleary-Eyed Father) - A horizontal view of your posts by time period



Simple Admin

This is a simple CSS admin panel template with horizontal navigation tabs and a search field. This is an ideal template for smaller admin panels or scripts that do not require more feature rich templates.


  • Clean and simple code means that it is very easy to customise
  • Some CSS3 for text shadows for the navigation text
  • Navigation background and table header background are images
  • PSD file included to easily change header colours
  • Fully tested and Compatible with IE6 , IE7, IE8 , FireFox 2, FireFox 3, Safari 3, Safari 4, Safari 5, Mobile Safari (iTouch, iPhone & iPad), Opera 10, Opera Mini (iPhone), Chrome 4 and Chrome 5.

CSS3 Mega Menus

Drop Down Mega Menu created with CSS3 markup. This menu doesen’t need any images. Easy to customize and ready to create your own version.
5 different colors scheme.
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple
Check out the video to look how it works on every browser.
I will be very recognized if you can rate my items after purchasing. Don’t esitate to contact me for any questions. Thanks!

Premium Buttons

Premium Web Buttons featuring sleek looks, ease of customization and editing and call-to-action. I have provided 12 pre-defined colors. You can create your own colors using the .PSD and mouse states action generator Photoshop Action that delivers the hover and active state layered PSD for you! Full Documentation is included inside.
Can be used in forms, blogs, stores, etc., almost everywhere!
Please know that these are not made with CSS3 but with images

How to Use:

To create a purple button, all you need is this code:
<a href="#" class="btn purple"><span>Proceed to Cart</span></a>
Note the text has to be wrapped up in a span tag!


  • 12 pre-defined colors
  • Easy to Edit and Use
  • Documentation Included
  • Photoshop Hover and Active States Generator Action (.ATN) included
  • PSD Included

CSS Apple Menu

For support please go to my author page and E-mail me, this helps me respond to you much faster instead of me checking the pages all the time for new comments. Thanks!
Updated 3/9/10 Now supports IE 7 /8 apart from hovers, so if you have previously purchased this file, you can update to provide support for these browsers.
This is different styles of navigation menus based on the design of apple’s menu on apple.com, It comes in 7 different styles, and with drop down menus that support up to 5 levels, This item is drawn using CSS meaning faster load times smaller file size and no images required, however this also means it only works in Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Mobile Safari, and Chrome.

Friendly CSS3 MegaMenu(Horiz & Vert) w/transitions

An easy-to-use CSS Mega Menu with both vertical and horizontal implementations. Unlimited possible sub menus with CSS 3 transitions giving you a javascript-like menu with only CSS ! Create your own colour schemes in only 5 lines of code – all code is heavily commented.
Has options for displaying lists in single columns or double width columns as well as other variations for displaying products with prices and images.
Practically limitless possibilities enabling you to have everything you need in a menu system. All transitions can be viewed in Google Chrome 4/5/6/7 and Safari 4/5 as well as Firefox 4 (beta) and IE 9 (beta). Menu displays perfectly fine in older browsers including IE 7 and 8, Firefox 2 and 3, Opera, Chrome 5,6 and 7.
Update 18th February 2011: Added new colour schemes and improved documentation to show you how to create your own colour schemes with ease.

Apple Style Mini Pagination

Create stunning mini paginations anywhere in your site for images, text boxes, modal boxes, sliders etcwithout using images!
This pure CSS method is 100% customizable and does not require any use of images or CSS hacks. It will also automatically degrade for older browsers.
  • Includes 7 great color combinations
  • Includes 3 different sizes pre built in the CSS
  • Hover and active / selected color states
  • Size and colors and be changed just like any other CSS element
  • That means you have an UNLIMITED number of size and color combinations
  • Works in all browsers that support CSS round borders and degrades nicely in those that do not
  • Includes documentation file and commented CSS !

CSS3 Mega Drop Down Menu

This Mega Drop Down Menu is a flexible and easy to integrate solution to build your custom menus. The drop down relies only on CSS /XHTML and comes with a fully working contact form.
3 main variants are included : horizontal, vertical aligned on the left and vertical aligned on the right.
The content can be organized into 6 columns based on the 960 grid system. This item comes with 9 color variants (and 2 color schemes for the drop downs – dark and light) and a detailed documentation to help you to customize it.

NEW : Working Contact Form
9 color schemes
Horizontal and Vertical Layouts
Full Width variant
Easy to customize
Valid XHTML / CSS 3 markup
Cross Browser Support
Up to 6 columns
Typography examples
Form stylings
Left or right alignment
Help documentation
Compatible Browsers

This menu has been tested (and works !) with all the following browsers :
Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 and 9
Firefox 2, 3, 4 and 5
Safari 4 and 5
Opera 10, 11 and 11.50
Chrome 4 to 13

Pure CSS3 Sticky Footer

This CSS3 Sticky Footer will help you to create unique footer with CSS /XHTML only, there is absolutely NO javascript.
The content can be organized into simple “drop-up” lists or in 1, 2 or 3 columns based on the 960 grid system.
This item comes with 2 variants (black and glass) and a detailed documentation to help you start with your brand new footer.
CSS classes allow you to create lists, paragraphs with (or without) images or make your menu items stick to the left or the right side.

Available in “dark” or “glass” style
Easy to customize
Valid XHTML / CSS 3 markup
Cross Browser Support (starting from IE6 )
Up to 3 columns
Typography examples
Left or right alignment for the menu
Help documentation
Compatible Browsers

This menu has been tested (and works !) in all the following browsers :
Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 and 9
Firefox 2, 3, 3.5, 3.6, 4 and 5
Safari 4 and 5
Opera 10, 11 and 11.50
Chrome 4 to 12

Out of Box - Site-Switcher

Inspired by Envato’s site-switcher, I’ve created this CSS -only site-switcher.
Both form AND function

Yes it works! It doesn’t only look stunning, it works as well. Just as you’d expect from a JavaScript-based switcher, but then lightweight, with CSS .

 Due to the unfortunate fact our files will be pirated (a.k.a. stolen) if we do otherwise, we are required to create a video preview. You can also click the ‘images’ link above for imagery of this file.

Although some effects are not supported by some (older) browsers, the CSS in this file is written in a bulletproof way. When something is not supported, it will have fallback line so the forms will degrade in a good way. This means they will look nice and they will not mess with other elements, no matter what browser is used!

100 CSS3 Pagination Styles

This is ultimate pack of 100 CSS3 pagination styles.
  • Pure CSS
  • 100 Styles
  • Hover States
  • Easy Implementation
  • Highly Customizable
  • PSD Source File Included
  • Cross Browser Compatible
Please note that IE doesn’t support some CSS3 attributes. 

Mega Dropdown Enhanced

Mega Dropdown Enhanced is a CSS3 dropdown menu which is easily customizable and features 7 included color schemes (red, blue, orange, green, grey, tan, teal).


  • Looks great in ALL browsers
  • 7 Premade Colors
  • CSS3 Enhancements
  • Easy Color Customization
  • Multi-level Dropdown
  • 6 Column Grid Layout
  • JqueryUI Icon Support

Utopian CSS3 Dropdown Menus

Utopian CSS3 Dropdown Menus come with 2 layouts, horizontal and vertical, and 3 color styles, Utopian, black and white. They’re purely CSS and built on XHTML Strict 1.0 semantic code. Enjoy!
And by the way, for just a few more dollars check out the Utopian XHTML Site Template that this menu is based on.

2 Layouts (horizontal and vertical)
3 Color Styles (utopian, black and white)
CSS3 Ehancements (webkit and mozilla)
Multi-Level Support
No Javascript
XHTML Strict 1.0 Semantic Code

CSS3 Animated Mega Nav

This CSS only mega navigation bar is extremely flexible and can be used for any type of website. Just customize here and there and your dream navigation bar is ready!!
Video Preview of This Item:

The actual transitions are smoother than the video preview. Check this link to see the video preview in HD:
What You are Getting:

Basic template (only dropdown menus) – arrange content in 1 – 5 columns based on custom grid system
Basic template (dropdown and flyout menus) – arrange content in 1 – 5 columns based on custom grid system
Basic template (dropdown and flyout menus) – arrange content in 1 – 6 columns based on 960 grid system
Customized template (dropdown and flyout menus) – arrange content in 1 – 5 columns based on custom grid system
Fully layered PSD files, buttons, sliced sprites, icons, etc.
Easy to understand “instructions.html”

This is XHTML 1 .0 strict valid
Works perfectly in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE6 , IE7, and IE8 .
Only CSS , absolutely no Javascript
Unobtrusive unique class names for safe implementation
CSS3 transition effect for Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox 4
Seven color variants
Create left-aligned, right-aligned or full-width dropdown menu simply by adding class names
Customized login and contact form
Unique search field with search options dropdown menu
Customized product display flyout menus
Each and every portion is customizable

Sherpa | Complete Navigation System (CSS Edition)

As the name suggests, Sherpa is a total solution for all your navigation requirements.
Sherpa brings together the three main navigation elements of every interface – Navbar, Sidebar and Sticky Footer.
Each one consists of a selection of different menu types including: Slide Menu, Mega Menu, Accordion Menu (in sidebar) and Drop Menu. You can pick, choose and mix these to make a really unique navigation.
It has 10 different colour skins, 12 beautiful background images, uses CSS3 effects and comes with 500+ icons to make it one of the best looking navigations on Codecanyon. Check out the screenshots and preview.
Instead of trying to bring together lots of different navs from many different sources, choose Sherpa | Complete Navigation System and save yourself time on integrating into your system.

A Complete Solution
Horizontal Navigation Bar
Side Navigation Bar
Sticky Footer Bar (Can be made unsticky too!)
Slide Menu
Accordion Menu in sidebar
Mega Menu
Drop Menu
10 colour skins
12 background images
500+ icons
CSS3 gradients, round corners and shadows
Cleanly coded using best practices
Built using established menu building techniques
Let the Sherpa guide your users to usability bliss!

Sherpa Update 1.1 (7th July 2011)

Fixed some CSS bugs
Fixed footer positioning in IE7

Docklr CSS - Pure CSS3 OSX-like Dock Menu

An OSX inspired dock navigation menu, consists of only CSS .


No JavaScript required. With some features which CSS3 offers and supported by current modern browsers, Docklr can simulate dock menu behavior in some degree without need of JavaScript.
Interactively animated. Hover effect, bouncing icon, and stacked menu animation. Work best on modern browser that support CSS transition (Safari 3+, Chrome, Firefox 4.0+, Opera 10.5+, IE10 +) and CSS animation (Safari 4+, Chrome, Firefox 5.0+). Without it however Docklr is still usable on older browser.
Tweak it as you want. The CSS in download file isn’t minified and commented as needed, so feel free to customize with ease.
Clean & semantic HTML markup. Using CSS pseudo-element, no need unnecessary div element to create shapes like bar, shadow, tooltip balloon, triangles, etc. Docklr markup in common is about like this:
<ul class="docklr">
    <li><a href="" title="" id=""><img src="" alt="" /></a></li>


See the demo video here: