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How to change the data directory in Tally after installation?

Tally data directory is located in tally program folder by default. But you wish to change the data in another location, due to some reasons. Here is a handy guide how to do it.
Before doing it you should know about tally data. in tally program folder there is a subfolder called “data” in this subfolder there is one or multiple folders serially numbered each folder denotes a company data. You can see multiple files are stored if you opened this serially numbered folder.
Drive:Tally » Data » 10000» data files
From tally 9 version data folders are created with  five digit like “00001″ where as tally 7.2  has only four digits,starts from “0001″.
There are two methods of changing data location.
Method 1
Consider the case, you have installed tally in drive c:,by default tally data folder located in C: TallyData. And now you wish to change the data directory in D:data.
It is highly recommended to keep a back-up of all existing companies before changing the data directory.

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