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Depressed Facebook users heading to spas

People suffering from Facebook depression are seeking treatment in spas to rejuvenate themselves off social networking.
The new mental health problem is caused by spending too much time on Facebook, and is seeing patients as young as 12 booking into rehab.
Queensland therapists said increasing numbers of youngsters were suffering from self-esteem issues, stress and depression after they had become addicted to Facebook.
The therapists said people were also measuring their self-worth by the success of their profile online, including the number of 'likes' they receive and their friend tallies.
According to news.com.au, in some of the most extreme cases, Facebook depression has led to alcohol abuse, self-harming and eating disorders.
Patients were booking session with life coaches and enjoy a range of spa treatments, which included Swedish massage at Fountainhead Organic Health Retreat on the Sunshine Coast.
Greg Doney, head of admissions at the retreat, said it was becoming increasingly difficult to get people to disconnect, adding that they believe that they will be forgotten if they don't go to the social networking site.
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