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All Things Appy: 5 Cool Chrome Desktop Apps

Chrome apps are the newest form of extension and helper for the Chrome Desktop environment, and as of late last year, any computer, including Macs, could use them.

Here are five recently updated free Chrome apps that are worth a look. All of them can be run offline, outside of the browser, on the desktop.

About the Ecosystem
Google's Chrome apps and browser extensions can be obtained in the Chrome Web Store. Look for the "Runs Offline" label in the app Overview.

To find Chrome apps for the desktop, browse the "For your Desktop" section of the Chrome Web Store. You can reach the store by clicking on the Apps icon on the top left of the browser.

Mac users can search by name in the Spotlight search. Find the installed apps again in the Applications folder in the Dock.

No. 1: Google Keep

Google Keep has 4 stars out of a possible 5 from 6,827 reviewers in the Chrome Web Store. The app has 2,714,610 users.

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