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Asus 1015E-CY041D Netbook (CDC/ 2GB/ 320GB/ DOS)

When you look for an everyday device, you usually tend to go for one that looks good due to its superior build quality and stellar design elements. These two qualities alone will determine if the laptop has been made well or not. Everyday systems need to be well built in order to survive the day-to-day wear and tear that will be subjected on them.

A Trend Setter
The Asus 1015E is a great laptop that combines beauty and aesthetics of build seamlessly. The design used in the laptop speaks volumes of style and sophistication. The laptop has been manufactured to occupy a very small footprint, the sleek and slender design allowing it to be carried almost anywhere.

Sound and Video Enhancement
The Asus 1015E is equipped with sound enhancements like the SonicMaster that can greatly improve the sound quality no matter which speaker you choose to utilize. The SonicMaster also provides a richer sound performance. The laptop by Asus also sports an HD camera that can allow for enhanced video communications.
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