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A Free Web App for Converting .Pub to .PDF

Publisher is a Microsoft program that is great for making documents such as brochures, newsletters
or even websites. However, Publisher is not a part of the core Microsoft Office package, which means
that it is not a program that everyone is guaranteed to have. Even if someone has MS Office, it does not
mean that he or she will be able to open and read Publisher documents on their computers.

Creating documents like brochures and pamphlets might be a great thing to do in Publisher, but
distributing these types of documents in the Publisher PUB format is definitely not the most convenient
option. If you want to make sure that everyone will be able to open and read your documents that you
have created in Publisher, a smart thing to do would be to turn them into PDFs.

PDF is the most universal file format available for documents. A PDF can be viewed on any platform and
any machine.

Thankfully, there is a great online tool available that enables users to transform their PUB files into PDFs
quickly, accurately, and for no cost at all – PublisherToPDF.

Users can use this service to convert their PUBs to PDFs in four easy steps:

> Visit the free online tool’s site
> Select the PUB file that you want to have converted to PDF
> Enter the email address to which you want the converted PDF to be sent
> Click the “Send” button

Once converted, your new PDF will be sent to your email address, and it should only take a couple of

One thing to note is that the converted PDF will be available for a period of only 24 hours, after which it
will be deleted from the server, so download it within a day of requesting the conversion so that you do
not have to perform the conversion again.

PublisherToPDF not only deletes your documents from its servers after 24 hours, but also deletes your
email information as well, so the privacy of your documents and your personal information is always
secure when using the service.

So if you are looking to circulate or share your PUB documents in the most efficient manner possible,
PublisherToPDF is a fantastic free online tool that will help you get that done by quickly and accurately
by converting your PUBs to easily sharable PDFs. Best of all, the service is 100 percent online, which
means there is nothing for you to download or install on your computer in order to use the conversion


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