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Samsung's New Galaxy S5 Might Ship Bathtub-Ready

Of all the Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors to hit this week, the one that had me sit up straight and pay close attention is the rumor that the new Galaxy S5 may be both waterproof and dustproof.
This is a big deal, because it would be the first major flagship smartphone with wide and popular distribution to be waterproof.
Of course, Samsung last year offered the Galaxy S4 Active, which was a variant of its regular Galaxy S4. The Active version had a slightly bigger case and was IP67 certified: It could withstand a 30-minute submersion down to about 3 feet of water.
Unfortunately, you could still void the warranty if the unit actually failed and water seeped inside, killing your Galaxy S4 Active and leaving you high and dry with no recourse other than shelling out for a new phone.
In fact, there were some reports of Galaxy S4 Active units failing under normal, expected underwater use, which surely didn't help launch sales to true outdoor enthusiasts.

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