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Lava Iris Pro 30 review

Nokia, the Finnish smartphone and tablet maker, has always been considered a game changer in the ever-evolving smartphone industry. As a rival to other world leaders including Samsung and Apple, the firm fell behind for a while but has now made a huge comeback with its line of Lumia devices running the Windows Phone OS.

At last year's Nokia World event, the company introduced six new handsets. While the high-end phablets took the spotlight, Nokia also made sure that it still caters to the needs of its budget customers. Introduced at the event, the Nokia Asha 502 budget smartphone is a shining example of how hard the firm is still trying to take over the low-end smartphone market by stuffing a bunch of impressive features into a small-sized device.
The Nokia Asha 502 is the successor to the Asha 501, and has some noticeable bodily and internal OS feature tweaks.

In hand, the Asha 502 feels both compact and strong. We found its build and overall design very appealing, and the phone itself is comfortable to carry around.

After spending a decent amount of time with the Asha 502, testing its battery life, camera, Internet connectivity, gaming capabilities and much more, here is what we think about this budget handset.

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