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Google's Project Tango Struts Into the Spotlight

Google is making an increased push into the 3D imaging sphere with the announcement of its Project Tango technology.
The project is aimed at helping mobile devices fully map a 3D space to give them the same type of understanding of space and motion that humans have through a blend of robotics and computer vision tools.

"Google has a reputation for finding value in places most other companies pay little attention to or overlook entirely," Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT, told TechNewsWorld.
"While large-scale projects like Google Maps and Earth approach their subjects with a macro view, providing context valuable to the user, you could say that with Project Tango Google is reversing the telescope for a micro view of highly localized locales, including homes, rooms, etc.," he explained.
"The bet the company is making is that garnering insights from enclosed spaces will be particularly valuable for end users," said King.

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