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F-Secure Anti-Virus 2014 Review

F-Secure Anti-Virus is among the best antivirus software programs. It is streamlined, fast and effective. With advanced protection technology and additional integrated security features, F-Secure protects against viruses, spyware, worms and Trojans. F-Secure can also locate and eliminate rootkits. This antivirus software also protects against viruses spread through emails, cookies or malware that attempts to infiltrate the PC registry.

AV-Test out of Germany places F-Secure among the leaders when it comes to performance. F-Secure is also among the handful of antivirus software products to win an Advanced A+ rating from AV Comparatives. The Virus Bulletin found F-Secure right on par with most of the best antivirus software competitors.

Taking F-Secure Anti-Virus from start to scanning is straightforward. The installer automatically removes any other antivirus software you have installed (as they interfere with each other). The software is a fairly resource-conscious program and protects without sacrificing resources.

Anti-Virus from F-Secure accommodates simple navigation and makes it easy to schedule specific scans or adjust settings. The main dashboard features quick access to the essentials (scan, update and statistics) and is visually striking. Most of the time you won’t even have F-Secure open since the updates and scans run automatically. The easy-to-understand icon in the lower-right taskbar will help you comprehend the status of your security. F-Secure uses a protection network, DeepGuard 2.0, which collects new threats in the cloud and pushes out updates to the entire user community.

F-Secure Anti-Virus uses heuristics, proactive protection against zero-hour threats that go undetected by the current virus signatures. All files accessed or opened on your computer are scanned by F-Secure’s on-access scanning. But you can always perform a manual scan. If you want to scan a specific file or folder, simply right-click on it and scan it immediately. F-Secure can scan compressed files and files on removable drives.
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