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Resizing Images To Match Photo Frame Sizes With Photoshop CS6

In this tutorial, we’ll look at one of the most common issues that photographers and Photoshop users run into when resizing images for print – how to resize them to fit within a certain size picture frame when the aspect ratio of the photo and the frame are different.
Most photos captured with a digital camera today can easily be resized to print as a 4"x6" or 8"x12", perfect for displaying in, well, 4"x6" or 8"x12" frames. But obviously (and thankfully) not all frames are 4"x6" or 8"x12". What if you want to display your image as a 5"x7", an 8"x10", 11"x14" and so on? How do you resize the image to print in these different aspect ratios without squishing, stretching or in any way distorting the look of the original? You may have already discovered that there’s no way to do that in Photoshop’s Image Size dialog box. As we’ll learn in this tutorial, what we actually need is a two-step process involving both the Image Size command and Photoshop’s Crop Tool. Yet even though there’s a bit more to it, reshaping an image for a specific frame size is easy. When you’re done with this tutorial, you’ll be able to print your photos for display in any size frames you choose!
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