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Resizing Images For Email And The Web With Photoshop CC

In the first tutorial in this series on resizing images in Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud), we learned about the new features and improvements in the redesigned Image Size dialog box. We then looked at the basics of how to resize images where we learned how to change the print size of a photo. In this third tutorial, we’ll look specifically at one of the most common uses for Photoshop these days – how to resize an image so it’s suitable for sending off in an email or uploading to a website. To get the most from this tutorial, I recommend first reading through the previous two in this series, as well as our related article on The 72 PPI Web Resolution Myth which explains, in more detail than I’ll get into here, why we don’t need to worry about the Resolution value in the Image Size dialog box when resizing images for the web or any type of screen output.
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