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Is your child getting low grades? Blame the cellphone

Frequent cellphone use may lead to anxiety, lower grades and reduced happiness in students, a new study has found.

Researchers found that cellphone use was negatively related to Grade Point Average (GPA) and positively related to anxiety.
As cellphone use continues to increase, it is worth considering whether use of the device is related to measurable outcomes important for student success, such as academic performance,anxiety and happiness, researchers said.
Researchers Andrew Lepp, Jacob Barkley, and Aryn Karpinski from the Kent State University, US surveyed more than 500 university students.
Daily cell phone use was recorded along with a clinical measure of anxiety and each student's level of satisfaction with their own life, or in other words happiness.
Finally, all participants allowed the researchers to access their official university records in order to retrieve their actual, cumulative college grade point average (GPA).
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