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Twitter was once named Friendstalker!

Twitter wasn't always Twitter! Twitter could have been named as 'Twitch', 'Smssy' and even bizarrely - 'Friendstalker', a book about the birth and growth of the microblogging site has revealed.
"There were several different ideas for the name of the service, including 'Twitch', Friendstalker' and 'Smssy'. In the end, of course, it was called 'Twitter' though the company did spend a short amount of time as a vowel-less 'Twttr', Nick Bilton wrote on his blog, quotinghis book 'Hatching Twitter'.
Bilton gained access to emails exchanged between Twitter's founders during the company's early days.
"During the reporting of Hatching Twitter I discovered a number of internal emails that showed the early logo explorations of the company," Bilton said.
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