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Nexus 5 specs comparison with iPhone 5S, Galaxy Note 3, LG G2, Moto X, Xperia Z1, Galaxy S4, HTC One and others

The Nexus 5 is finally official, so it’s time to compare it to some of the existing flagship smartphones out there, including Android and non-Android devices.

The specs of the new Nexus have not been a secret for quite a while, and Google only confirmed yesterday what we already knew from the many leaks that preceded the announcement – much like with the Nexus 4 a year ago.

The Nexus 5 is largely based on the LG G2, but the device is not an exact replica of LG’s current flagship that’s simply running Google’s latest Android operating system. The handset is smaller in size and therefore packs a smaller battery, but that’s not the only difference when compared to the LG G2.

But the Nexus 5 marks an important jump from the Nexus 4, and we expect it to offer a significant overall performance improvement boost, especially considering the heavy optimization in KitKat – to see our Nexus 5 vs Nexus 4 comparison, check out this post. Not to mention that the Nexus 5 appears to be ready to stand the test of time in a much better fashion than the Nexus 4.
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