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Suggest external hard drives within Rs 12,000 range

I'm looking for an external hard drive within a budget of Rs 12,000. Could you please inform me of what I should be looking for, and also suggest a few models?
— Siddharth Sharma, Manav Parekh, J Rodricks
External hard drives are of two types: portable and desktop. Regardless of whichever you decide upon, make sure it supports USB 3.0. Portable models are smaller in size. If you decide on this type, opt for one with rugged, shock-proof protection. Desktop models, while bulky, are faster performers, and you can also get higher storage capacities. Here, opt for a drive that comes with a network (Ethernet), as well as an extra USB port.
The network port will allow you to connect the drive to your home network via your router. The additional USB port will allow you to connect pen drives, whenever required. Opt for hard drives that come with good software: automated back-up and some sort of digital encryption for data security.
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