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McAfee building anti-NSA spy shield

Computer programmer and former fugitive John McAfee has announced plans to create a new device that would be resistant to government surveillance by creating localized, supersecure networks.

McAfee, who made his fortune by founding and selling the anti-virus software which bears his name, said that the device would cost less than $100 and would be a "round, little thing" , capable of fitting into a pocket or backpack.
Speaking at the C2SV conference in Silicon Valleythis weekend, McAfee revealed the so-called 'D-Central' as the first product from his new company, Future Tense Central . During his speech, McAfee criticized the vulnerability of contemporary networks , noting that the basic infrastructure is thoroughly compromised.
"I'm 68 years old and if you can just give me any small amount of information about yourself, I promise you within three days, I can turn on the camera on your computer at home and watch you do whatever you're doing, provided you're still connected to the net," said McAfee. "If I can do it, any idiot can do it. We live in a very insecure world with a very insecure communications platform."
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