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LG G2 review: Good phone, but novelty missing

LG G2 is the newest entrant in the overcrowded smartphone market of India. It is undoubtedly among the best of the lot and can easily take on -- and in some cases even beat -- today's most popular handsets, such as Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Apple iPhone 5.

Available at a starting price of approximately Rs 40,000 in the market, this phone also has the design and specs that measure up to justify the price tag.

Besides, the three (Back, Home and App Switcher/Options) on-screen keys for navigation, LG G2 has three small, well-designed hardware keys at the back (right below the camera lens). This makes the unit "more ergonomically optimized", claims LG. But the prospective buyers must know if this is a novel innovation, or just a designer quirk that would affect the routine usage.

New design, almost the same experience
It is quite easy to confuse LG G2 with Samsung Galaxy S4, considering the two have similar curved edges, plastic body and shimmering pattern on the back. However, G2 is a little bigger, heavier and thicker in comparison, has a slightly larger display (at 5.2-inch vs S4's 5-inch) and features three on-screen keys (instead of the hardware keys on S4). The phone is easy to hold and doesn't seem too big in the hand.


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