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‘Cloud talk has moved from whether to how’

Werner Vogels is the chief technology officer of Amazon , the world's biggest online retailer and also the pioneer in cloud computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS ). Amazon has a major R&D centre in Bangalore , and on a recent visit to the city , Vogels spoke exclusively to TOI.

Have conversations about the cloud in India changed since we met one year ago?

What's changing in India is sort of similar to what's happening in all other parts of the world , where enterprises more and more are no longer discussing whether they should be using cloud, but they are discussing how and what should be using cloud. And it's happening across industries , be it media companies moving their online properties onto AWS , building new web properties , building new businesses on it, or traditional companies like Tata Motors looking to the cloud, on one hand for their digital marketing properties , like for the Nano car , and on the other , for how can they make use of big data to build new analytics techniques to instrument their trucks
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