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Philips DSP30U 5.1 Speaker (Black) @ Rs. 4,999

Music sounds sweeter when you listen it with the Philips DSP30U 5.1 speaker. This speaker plays multiple devices at the same time, which makes it highly versatile. It features USB playback with SD card playability. The wireless remote control lets you operate it from a distance. With its virtual surround sound processing capability, this black speaker offers a wholesome audio experience.

This 5.1 channel speaker features bass reflex design that offers you a celestial music experience. The Philips speaker is quick to set up and gives hassle-free installation. You can connect it with your CD, DVD, PC and TV to make your movies and tracks sound better. Other features include 5 inch woofer, 3 inch full range, 20 W RMS power and wall mounting satellites.


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