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How Intex Tech became a Rs 1,070cr electronics giant

I was bitten by the entrepreneurship bug early in life. Though my father was a foodgrain dealer, I had no interest or intention to follow in his footsteps because I wanted to make a mark of my own. During my college days in the 1980s, there was a huge demand for audio and video cassettes and I decided to exploit this. I figured that it would help me make some pocket money even as I pursued a commerce degree from Delhi University. I started by buying audio cassettes from a wholesale market and trading these at local retail markets, such as Palika Bazaar, South Extension and Chandni Chowk. This did not involve any investment on my part since I was fulfilling retailers' orders and the profits were good—I earned Rs 2,000-3,000 a month. 

Two years later, I turned my attention to bigger things. Since I knew most of the electronic equipment in the Indian market was imported from countries like China and Korea, I decided to check the wholesale market in Hong Kong. I saved enough to cover my travel cost and visited the place in 1982, staying with a distant relative. I visited the local markets and made friends with several local hardware dealers. 


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