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Campus hiring: BPOs head to medical, law colleges

Business process outsourcing firms are beginning to hire directly from colleges and universities, a practice pioneered and perfected by country's information technology services industry, which is now slowing down such campus recruitment.

The more organised hiring is being prompted by the changing nature of work, which is rising in complexity and value, calling for more regular supply of talent with specific skills. However, unlike IT services companies which hired mostly from engineering colleges, BPOs are casting their net wider to include medical, commerce and law graduates.

"We are identifying specific campuses that can give us dedicated supply of qualified people we need," said Keshav R Murugesh, group chief executive officer at WNS Global Services, which employs 25,000 people and has revenues of about $500 million (Rs 3,050 crore).

"The potential right now is immense and it is only growing." "Companies are looking to offer more domain-specific , higher value service such as data analytics or riskmodelling ," said Sangeetha Gupta, senior vice-president of Nasscom, about the transformation underway in the sector.

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