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Samsung Galaxy Note III version coming to India leaked

Samsung introduced the eight-core processor with its Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone, along with a quad-core version of the same device. These two variants were aimed at different markets, with India getting the model powered by the eight-core processor. And it seems that the company will follow the same strategy for its upcoming Galaxy Note IIIphablet too.

Tech news website SamMobile, which has a stellar record of Samsung leaks, has revealed the list of the countries that will be getting the two models. Markets like India, where 4GLTEnetworks are not available presently, will get the Galaxy Note III with eight-core CPU (model number SM-N9005). On the other hand, countries where 4GLTE networks are present will get the variant powered by the 2.3GHz quad-core processor (model number SM-N9000).

Countries where both the variants will be launched are likely to get the quad-core version first. China will get a third version, which runs on the eight-core CPU and supports dual-simfunctionality.
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