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Samsung beats Nokia to emerge No.1 in India: Report

Buoyed by high demand for smartphones, the mobile handset market in India is estimated to have grown by 14.7% in 2012-13 to touch Rs 35,946 crore, according to a Voice&Data Survey.

The market grew from Rs 31,330 crore in FY'12 with Korean electronics maker Samsung dethroning Nokia from the top position this year, the survey said.

The 18th annual survey 'V&D 100' covered over 30 mobile handset companies doing business in India across categories like feature phones, multimedia phones, enterprise phones and smartphones.
The survey attributed Samsung's rise in Indian market to its rich product portfolio catering to customers of all budget categories.
"Samsung handset prices range from Rs 1,500 to Rs 50,000 and come in varied screen sizes. These two factors helped the company grab customer's attention, besides the product quality and new features," it added.
The survey said Samsung ended the year with revenues of Rs 11,328 crore in 2012-13 as compared to Rs 7,891 crore in FY'12, a growth of 43.6%. It also became the market leader with 31.5% market share.
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