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Now, a social networking website for Indian children

Parents of seven-year-old Mehul Chowdhury were a worried lot after they found out that a paedophile stalker, who had befriended him on Facebook, was abusing their only child.
Like what many other parents would do, they banned Mehul from accessing the Internet resulting in angry outbursts from the Class three student, up until his chartered accountantfather found a new fun, educative social networking website, which promised online safety and privacy for children.
Ever since Worldoo.com was launched in April, more than 20,000 children have already signed in for the first of its kind online ecosystem designed specifically for Indian children, in the age group of 6-12.
Harsh Wardhan Dave, Head (Experience and Brand) of worldoo.com, says with an increase in the number of cases of child stalking and abuse they have put in multi-level security checks on their website.


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