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5 Moto X features that rivals don‘t have

The one truly huge, magnificent, radical idea of the iPhone, back when it was introduced in 2007, was to get rid of buttons. Make the whole phone a black rectangular touchscreen.

By now, every company and its brother has done that. Everybody's added voice recognition, GPS and navigation. Everybody's sharpened up the screens to the point where you need a microscope to tell the difference.
So now what? How do you distinguish your phone from the more than 4,000 other touch-screen phones? (That's not a joke. There have actually been 3,997 different Android phone models so far. And six iPhones and a motley assortment of Windows and touchscreenBlackBerry phones. Heaven help the landfills.)
With much fanfare, Google proudly presents its answer: the Moto X.
This phone ($200 with contract, 5.1x2.6x0.4 inches) is the first that Motorola has produced since Google bought it a year ago for $12.5 billion.

By looking at it, you'd never guess that this is the Android phone that Motorola hopes will change everything. Its curved back is plasticky, not classy metal (like the HTC One) or glass (like the iPhone 5). Its comfortable 4.7-inch screen looks great, but it isn't as big or sharp as the SamsungGalaxy S4 and the HTC One. The phone is plenty fast, but its processor isn't the latest and greatest.
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