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Zen Ultrafone 701HD review: Best value for money

Zen Mobiles is not a well-known phone brand. It is a local phone maker, justMicromax and Spice though not as popular, and mostly deals in low-cost feature phones. But justother local phone makers, Zen too sees a window of opportunity in the Android and the smartphone boom that the OS has sparked.

Ultrafone 701HD is an attempt by Zen Mobile to cash in on the demand for affordable smartphones in the country. On paper, Ultrafone 701HD is similar to some of the other smartphones sold by the local OEMs. Quad-core processor? Check. Android? Check. An HD screen? Check. And an 8MP camera? Yes, the device has that.

So why should you pick (or not pick) it over the devices sold by the likes of Micromax, Karbonn and Spice, which seems to have better brand recognition? Read on to know...

Good build quality
As we noted earlier, there is nothing special in Ultrafone 701HD on paper compared to other similar phones available in the market. But then it is not required. Most of the Android phones sold by local OEMs in Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 price bracket have decent hardware. The real question is how these devices have been put together and if the hardware has been used to its full potential?

For Ultrafone 701HD, the answer to this question is a yes. The body of the phone is built matte plastic that doesn't feel cheap. The back cover has a soft rubber-like coating that is impervious to finger prints and feels better than the glossy plastic many budget phones use. The screen of the phone is encased in a thin metal strip with chrome polish. Ultrafone 701HD is a big phone with its screen measuring 5-inch diagonally. Under the screen, there are three standard buttons - home, back and menu.
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