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Rebuilding Infosys will take 3 years: Narayana Murthy

Promising to dedicate himself to the task at hand, NR Narayana Murthy, executive chairman of Infosys said that the company has overcome tougher and bigger challenges before. At the company's AGM, Murthy said that his calling was 'sudden, unexpected and most unusual.'
Stating that during last 2 years focus on core business was blurred, Murthy emphasised the need to focus on employees and take quick and firm decisions. Murthy said that the task of rebuilding a desirable Infosys will take at least 36 months.
"We need to exceed expectations of customers. We are optimistic," he said. Murthy said that he felt nice to be back at Infosys after missing the 2012 AGM.
NR Narayana Murthy has made his first significant move upon returning to Infosys by effecting an unexpected round of wage increases for the company's 1.5 lakh employees. By doing so, analysts said, the Infosys chairman is trying to kill several birds with one stone, displaying tactical finesse that has earned him a reputation as one of India's canniest entrepreneurs.


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