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Khaled Hosseini Box Set 1st Edition Ebook From Flipkart

Amir, the son of a wealthy businessman, lives in Kabul with his father, whom he calls Baba. Amir is of the opinion that Baba does not believe he has the makings of a man. His close friend from childhood, Hassan, son of Baba’s servant Ali, is the apple of Baba’s eye. They belong to a lower caste, and Amir’s friendship with Hassan is often condemned by a local violent sociopath, Assef. Hassan is known to be an efficient kite runner, who can determine where a kite is going to land without looking at it. In a local kite-flying competition, Amir triumphs and finally wins the praise of his dad, but at the cost of a selfish act of betrayal towards Hassan when he is bullied by Assef. This event changes the direction of their lives, shatters their futures, and the traumatic incident haunts Amir for years.

The book follows the story of how Amir tries to annul his guilt. The story is set in the backdrop of events like the fall of Afghanistan’s monarch to the Soviet forces, the exodus of Afghan refugees to Pakistan and the U.S., and the rise of the Taliban.


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