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Intel's new 4th generation Core processors reach India

Intel has announced that laptops and desktop PCs powered by its 4th generation Core processor based on Haswell architecture are now available in India.
Haswell, which is successor to Ivy Bridge processors currently found in mainstream laptops and desktops, doesn't offer much advantage in terms of performance over its predecessors.
However, it is more power efficient and offers significantly better battery life, something that should help Intel take on the popularity of tablets in the market. Intel said that Haswell processor in laptops deliver up to 50 per cent increase in battery life in active workloads over the previous generation
The company added that due to its power efficiency Haswell will enable manufacturersAcer, Lenovo, Dell and HP to create thinner and lighter devices that could also serve as tablets.
Intel South Asia managing director Debjani Ghosh said that Haswell processor are one of the most power-efficient chips the company had created. "The 4th Generation Intel Core processors offer the most significant gain in battery life ever achieved by Intel, up to double the graphics and significant CPU performance improvements that will deliver an exciting user experience," she said.
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