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Inferno Ebook From Flipkart

The astonishing new thriller from the bestselling author of The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol.
Dan Brown is back with his latest novel featuring the famed Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon. Set in the heart of Europe, Langdon is accompanied by a mysterious woman, Sienna Brooks, as they journey around classical Renaissance masterpieces, trying to unravel a code. Langdon is drawn into this life-threatening maze, which requires him to decode one of the most enduring and mysterious literary masterpieces – Dante’s Inferno.
Dan Brown himself confesses that he was bewitched by Dante’s work, and its influence on the modern world, while he was researching in Florence. He says, “With this new novel, I am excited to take readers on a journey deep into this mysterious realm…a landscape of codes, symbols, and more than a few secret passageways.”


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