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Review: In Depth: HP Chromebook 11

The Chromebook concept – the idea of a stripped-down laptop that runs nothing but a web browser in the form of Google's Chrome OS – has up till now usually been about cheap, commodity computing.
It's been about manufacturers clustering around a low price point, and the compromises they have had to make to get a device out at that price point.
With the Chromebook 11 though, for the first time, a Chromebook can be both about affordability but also about delight.
Even if you're used to high end computers such as the MacBook Pro or Samsung ATIV Book 9, every time you pick up the Chromebook 11 you get a little jolt of pleasure.
It feels solid – light yet sturdy. The keyboard is genuinely very good. The IPS screen's colours are rich and vibrant. The styling feels fresh and simple and clean and friendly.
It feels, in short,a beautifully made, simple to use computer.
Plus the fact you've only paid GBP £229/USD $279/AUD $364 for it not only makes thatthe sweeter, but also makes you feelyou've got a special, secret, insiders' deal when everyone else is paying two, three, eight times as much to do pretty much the same things you'll be doing on your Chromebook.
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