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Google counters Microsoft-Nokia with a KitKat

Competition for Microsoft-Nokia just got hotter. Or so believe observers of IT and telecom industries.

A day after the $7.2 billion Microsoft-Nokia deal, Google surprised users worldwide with its announcement of KitKat, a new Android 4.4 operating system (OS) named after a chocolate brand of Nestle with which the Internet giant has forged a co-branding tie-up on Wednesday.

It could well be that KitKat the OS is a celebration of either Android crossing the 1 billion activation mark worlwide or Google’s 15th birthday.

But given that KitKat the OS came close on the heels of the Google Nexus 4 handset, experts feel it may have come a skosh prematurely, suggesting Google may be sensing stiff competition from Microsoft-Nokia, said analyst Mohammed Chowdhury of PwC. “With KitKat (the OS), Google is sending out a signal to Microsoft that there will always be a challenge near at hand in the highly competitive market.”
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