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99.9% of new mobile malware targets Android: Kaspersky

Google's popular operating system Android is reportedly also the most prone to malware attacks as found by security firms who claim that the number of malware programmes attacking the OS have only risen this year.
Security firm Kaspersky Lab's analyst Christian Funk said that 99.9% of all new phone malware targets Android and one year ago the firm recorded 30,000 versions of malware targeting mobiles.
According to stuff.co.nz, the malware attacks Android due to its wide availability making it a big target as its market share has risen about 80% in recent times.
Funk said that since the system is open, anyone can download the necessary documentation and write software which can be used as a camouflage for the viruses, targeting people looking for popular apps, thereby making them download apps with viruses buried in them.
Another IT security firm, Trend Micro has found that Australia was the prime target for malware attack designed to steal online banking information because the country is an 'early adopter' of technology.
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