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E-tailing to touch $ 76 billion by 2021 in India: Study

The total size of the business of selling retail goods on the Internet, commonly known as e-tailing, is set to touch $ 76 billion mark by 2021 in the country, according to a study by Technopak.
E-tailing, which is around 6 per cent of the total e- commerce, is estimated to be around $ 0.6 billion in 2012, said the study 'E-tailing in India Unlocking the Potential'.
"In India, e-tailing has the potential to grow more than hundred-fold in the next nine years to reach a value of $ 76 billion by 2021. The country's growing Internet- habituated consumer base, which will comprise 180 million broadband users by 2020, along with a burgeoning class of mobile Internet users, will drive the e-tailing story," the study said.
The total e-commerce business in India, including other products and services such as travel and financial services, is estimated to be $ 10 billion in 2012, it said.
It said in India, the retail market at present is primarily served by traditional brick and mortar stores which make up 93 per cent of the total market. Corporatised brick and mortar retail caters to nearly 7 per cent, while e-tailing's share is 0.1 per cent.


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